Disability Services Committee

The Directorate is the executive management team of the University which is responsible, through the Chief Executive Role, to the Trustees for the implementation of the strategic plan and operational budgets.

Terms of reference

July 2014 The structure and terms of reference of the Disability Services Committee shall be approved or varied only by the Directorate.

• The Disability Officer shall be Chair of the Disability Services Committee, or in his/her absence, any nominated member or the Student Support Manager.

• The membership shall be decided by the Committee; if necessary, the Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members.

• The Committee shall meet three times during the academic year. Subject to the overall responsibility of the Directorate, the Committee shall be responsible for:

1. Encouraging the University in adopting the social model of disability, in developing an inclusive environment;

2. Overseeing the University’s compliance with disability legislation and the disability policy, and approving any amendments to the policy;

3. Recommending procedures and identifying resource requirements across the University for the provision of reasonable adjustments for University disabled users; Recommendations shall be forwarded to appropriate committees via the Chair of the Committee or to Directorate, as appropriate;

4. Making minutes available to all staff and students on the University intranet, revised where necessary, to respect confidentiality;

5. Monitoring and reviewing the impact of institutional policies, procedures and practices on students and staff with disabilities with a view to continuous improvement;

6. Making recommendations regarding programme specifications, to ensure that these consider the requirements of disabled students;

7. Monitoring the University’s Disability Access Plan on an annual basis.

Last updated: 15 April 2016