International Business - BA (Hons)

Internationalism, innovation and employability are the key themes of this programme.

You will develop a broad base of core business, management, intercultural and language skills which will equip you as a leader, strategist and decision-maker of the future.

You can choose to specialise by declaring a major and completing a number of relevant elective modules and your business dissertation in your chosen area of expertise.

Major options available are: digital business, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resource management, general management and marketing.

Languages and cross-cultural understanding are a very important feature of the degree. You will study either one or two languages, and spend two terms at one of our many partner institutions around the world. An available language option includes Business English, allowing you to build your knowledge of business through the use of the English language.

In addition, significant periods of work experience during your studies will challenge you to test your learning in a variety of real-world business and cultural settings.

Why should I choose this programme?

Businesses today require a workforce equipped to meet strategic and operational demands in an increasingly global environment. 

This programme will give you an international and cross-cultural view of the business world, enabling you to work in multi-disciplinary, multicultural teams and lead people in a complex and changing environment. Additionally, strengthening your linguistic skills will allow you to conduct business in different parts of the world with ease.

Key skills, aims and objectives

By the end of the BA (Hons) International Business you will have gained:

  • An international perspective on business and management
  • The business, linguistic and intercultural skills essential for leading and managing people in different parts of the world
  • An in-depth understanding of the culture, politics and economics of different societies
  • The ability to think critically and creatively, solve problems and communicate effectively
  • A sense of responsibility towards others and society at large
  • A spirit of innovation and enterprise 

Future opportunities

The complex, fast-moving world of international business offers many challenges and opportunities. The diverse nature of the BAIB programme will prepare you for a career as a leader, manager, strategist or entrepreneur in many different sectors and in small, large, multinational or family-run businesses across the world.

All areas of the international business sector will be open to you, including management, finance, banking, IT, corporate governance, consultancy, strategy, retail, human resources, advertising and marketing.


This programme is 3.5 years in duration, full time, or 4.5 years with the Integrated Foundation.

Majors / pathways

In addition to the core parts of the programme, you will have the option to specialise by declaring a major in your chosen area of expertise.

The majors available are:

  One language  Two languages
• Digital Business  Logo Kis  Logo Kis
• Economics   Logo Kis  Logo Kis
• Entrepreneurship  Logo Kis  Logo Kis
• Finance  Logo Kis  Logo Kis
• Human Resource Management  Logo Kis  Logo Kis
• Management (general)  Logo Kis  Logo Kis
• Marketing    Logo Kis  Logo Kis


To complete a major, you will study a number of relevant elective modules and undertake a business dissertation in your chosen area of study.

Please note: Majors are offered subject to student demand and staff availability.

Additional information

Choice and self-determination are the hallmarks of the BAIB programme.

The programme is structured in three main parts:

  • In Terms 1, 2 and 3 you will study at Regent's
  • Terms 4 and 5 are spent at one of our partner institutions on your Study Period Abroad (SPA)
  • In Terms 6 and 7 you will return to Regent's to complete your degree

The programme consists of a number of core modules to enable you to develop key business, management, language and intercultural knowledge and skills.

You will also choose from a wide range of elective modules that allow you to further diversify your learning, as well as having the opportunity to declare a major (see above).

Your studies will culminate in a major business dissertation.

International languages
Languages and cross-cultural understanding are a very important feature of the degree. You will study either one or two languages, and spend one or two terms of Study Period Abroad (SPA) at one of our many partner institutions around the world.

You will be able to choose from Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Business English*. Languages are taught with a marked focus on professional communication skills, which prepares you to succeed in your SPA and beyond.

If you are a non-beginner in your chosen language(s), we will give you a diagnostic test at registration to determine the level that you will start: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

(Note: if your competence in a language is at native-speaker level, you will not be able to study that language. Also, you cannot take more than one language at beginner level.)

* Business English is not eligible for students with an overall score of IELTS 6.5 or above.

Study Abroad
You will study abroad in Terms 4 and 5*, spending time in one or more countries to gain life-changing international experience. 

Your destination will depend on the languages you are studying. The University’s International Partnerships Office will support you before, during and after your SPA.

* The second SPA may be replaced by the Placement Learning Project (see below)

Work experience
Work placements are an integral part of the programme and you will complete 30 weeks of work experience alongside your studies.

This provides practical enrichment of your learning, allowing you to test your knowledge in a variety of real-world business and cultural settings. Such experience is highly valued by potential employers and will significantly enhance your career prospects and employability after graduation.

The University’s Careers & Business Relations team can help in finding suitable internships and will support you throughout your placement.

Placement Learning Project
In Term 5 you have the option to embark on a 16 to 20-week Placement Learning Project, replacing one of the study periods abroad, subject to your target language competency.

This will involve working in a host organisation as an intern and team member, offering you the opportunity to gain major experience of a real-world working environment.

To complete the module, you will submit a report, analysing the organisation and reflecting on your experiences working there. (Note: the PLP is undertaken in addition to the 30 weeks of work experience.)

Teamwork and leadership residential course
A three-day team-working and leadership residential course will prepare you for your internships by developing your teamwork and communication skills.


You will take a range of core modules to build broad business knowledge, plus one or two language modules. Some students may also be required to complete a module in English language study.

Term 1
Financial Reporting
International Perspectives in Employment
Quantitative Business Analysis
One language module and one elective module OR
Two language modules

Term 2
International Business Environment
Global Perspectives
Management Accounting
Managerial Economics
One language module and two elective modules OR
Two language modules and one elective module

Term 3
Macroeconomic Analysis: A Basis for International Comparison
Principles of International Human Resource Management
Principles of Marketing
One language module and two elective modules OR
Two language modules and one elective module

Term 4
Study Period Abroad linked to your primary language study

Term 5
Study Period Abroad linked to your primary language study OR
Study Period Abroad linked to your secondary language study OR
Placement Learning Project

During your Study Period Abroad you will take specialist elective modules at your host institution.

Term 6
Business Strategy: Managing and Thinking Strategically in a Rapidly Changing International Environment
International Business
One language module and one elective module OR
Two language modules
Business Dissertation (continues in term 7)

Term 7
One language module and three elective modules OR
Two language modules and two elective modules
Business Dissertation

Elective modules
In addition to the core business modules, you will choose from a range of elective modules.

See module descriptions

Future start dates

January 2016

September 2016

View Academic calendar


Fees Autumn 2015

Annual tuition fee: £15,450
Registration fee: £250 (refundable)
Non-EU Advance deposit: £750 (refundable)

Fees Spring 2016

Annual tuition fee: £15,759
Registration fee: £250 (refundable)
Non-EU Advance deposit: £750 (refundable)

» How to pay

Academic requirements

We require a minimum of three passes at GCE A-level at grade C or above, and five passes at GCSE/IGCSE level at grade C or above, including English and Maths. We also accept equivalent qualifications, including:

  • Five Scottish Highers
  • Five Irish Leaving Certificates
  • International Baccalaureate Full Diploma
  • French Baccalaureate
  • German Abitur
  • Italian Maturita
  • US High School Diploma with 3 APs at grade 3 or 2 APs at grade 4
  • Swedish Slutbetyg

Other equivalent international qualifications as recommended by the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) will be accepted; please contact us for further information.

Please note, if you are applying with a 12-year high school qualification such as an American High School Diploma (without any AP passes), you will normally be required to complete the one-year Integrated Foundation before progressing to your chosen BA (Hons) degree course.

If applying via UCAS, please refer to the full list of UCAS course codes. Please refer to the How to apply section below, for more information.

Transfer of credits
If you have already participated in degree-level education, you may be able to transfer some of your credits towards a course at RUL. We recognise Advanced Prior Learning (APL), which may make it possible for you to begin your studies at a more advanced level within the programme.
This is at the discretion of RUL. 

Any applicant being considered for APL will be required to have equivalent qualifications from another university. A key criterion for the acceptance of APL qualifications will be the similarity of the learning outcomes between the two programmes, so that the exemptions can be matched specifically to particular modules within the RUL undergraduate degree programme.

To apply for transfer of credit, you must provide detailed descriptions (certified English translations where necessary) of any courses taken, and transcripts of relevant grades. Transfer of credit will only be assessed before entry. Please note: all transfer students must complete at least three semesters at RUL, and transfer into the final year of the degree programme is not possible. All credit transfer is subject to a language test in your chosen foreign language(s). Your level of foreign language skills will determine the level at which you can enter the programme.

English is the language of instruction, but it is not a language option. Of the nine languages offered at Regent's, you cannot study your native language. In addition, the programme does not allow students to take more than one language at beginner level. 

Language Testing
At registration, if you are a non-beginner language student you will be required to take a diagnostic test in your chosen language. The results of this test will determine which language class you will be placed in.

English requirements

PLEASE NOTE: Latest update regarding ETS & TOEFL testing – The Home Office has suspended all ETS tests, including TOEFL exams, as evidence of English language ability from new visa applicants.

Please see the Home Office website for further information:

Therefore, if you are relying on an ETS / TOEFL certificate for Visa purposes please be aware that you will now need to take an alternative English proficiency test.

We will continue to accept the following English language proficiency tests:

  • PTE Academic
  • Cambridge Advanced
  • Regent’s University London on campus diagnostic test

If you have taken and submitted the TOEFL test as part of your admissions application, or have any questions in relation to the above, please do not hesitate to make contact with our Admissions team to seek further advice and support.

– 18/07/2014


For those applicants whose mother tongue is not English, we require a recent pass in any of the following qualifications:

  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, grade C
  • GCSE/IGCSE English, grade C (for non-EU IGCSE students, please provide along with the IGCSE certificate, the Supplementary Certifying Statement with the breakdown of component grades)
  • IB Diploma English A grade 4 or above HL or SL. English B grade 5 at HL
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with an overall score of 6.0 (for non-EU students: a minimum score of 5.5 in each component)
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score of 550 (paper-based test), 213 (computer-based test) or 80 (internet-based test) (TOEFL results not accepted post 17 April 2014 for non EU/UK students)
  • Pearson Test (PTE Academic) score of 53 (for non-EU Students: a minimum score of 51 in each component)
  • Trinity College London Level 1 Certificate in ESOL Skills for life (B2): a pass in reading, listening, speaking, writing (applicable to non-EU and EU students)
  • Trinity College London Level 2 Certificate in ESOL Skills for life (C1): a pass in reading, listening, speaking, writing (applicable to non-EU and EU students)
  • Trinity College London Integrated Skills in English II (B2): a pass in reading, listening, speaking, writing (applicable to non-EU and EU students)

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive; for more information about other accepted English language qualifications, please contact us.

Please also note that you may be exempt from taking an English language test if the last three years of your full-time education have been taught completely in English.

Students who require an international student visa to study in the UK and whose native language is not English, are also be required to meet specific grade requirements and conditions of study as stipulated by the UK Border Agency (UKBA). Please check their website for current information:

On-campus diagnostic test

If you live in London, or are able to visit us, we can offer you a free English diagnostic test. 

This test is offered through Regent's Institute of Languages & Culture and should be arranged in advance. Please note, this is a diagnostic test for Regent’s University London only. For more information, or to arrange a test, please contact us:


How to apply

Applying to study at RUL is a quick and easy process. We accept direct applications, have no formal application deadlines and there is no application fee.

Step 1 Apply

You can apply in the following ways:

If applying via UCAS, please refer to the full list of UCAS course codes. Please remember to indicate your language choice on the UCAS form.

Once you have completed the application form, please send us the following supporting documents, by post, email or fax:

  • Copies of academic transcripts and certificates from all previous studies (i.e. secondary school and/or university certificates)
  • Two letters of reference. One reference must be academic. The second can be academic or professional
  • A 300-500 word personal statement outlining the reasons for applying to your chosen course, and how you feel you will benefit from the course of study
  • A copy of your passport photograph (ID) page
  • One recent passport-sized colour photograph, jpeg format (this must be emailed to us at:
  • If not a native English speaker, proof of your English proficiency

Step 2 Making an offer

We will assess whether you meet our minimum entry requirements and will make you an offer by both email and post, or notify you that you have been unsuccessful. UCAS applicants will also receive official notification via the UCAS system.

If you have completed your education and have met all the entry requirements, you will be sent an unconditional offer. If you still have to finish your exams, or have yet to submit supporting documentation, we will make you a conditional offer.

You can expect to receive a decision on your application within 10 working days of receipt of your completed application and supporting documents.

Step 3 Accepting the offer

If you wish to accept the offer you must:

  • Confirm your acceptance via email/post/telephone/in person
  • Pay the refundable registration fee
  • Pay the refundable non-EU advance tuition fee deposit (if applicable)

Please note: although there is no formal deadline to pay your registration fee or non-EU advance deposit, if you need to apply for an international student visa to study in the UK, then we recommend that you pay these as soon as possible.

Please see here for information on how to pay.

Step 4 Full acceptance and visa

On receipt of your acceptance we will issue the final set of documentation, and (where needed) the relevant visa support documentation. To find out if you need a student visa please consult the section entitled ‘Studying in the United Kingdom’ on the UK Border Agency website (please note it is your own responsibility to arrange the appropriate visa):

Scholarships, funding and bursaries

Undergraduate Scholarships

Students with three B grades at A-level (or equivalent qualification), and progressing Regent's foundation students who achieve a minimum 70% average across all modules will receive a £1,500 scholarship for each year of their degree programme.

Read more


As part of its public benefit commitment, the University wants to ensure that no student is deterred from applying to Regent’s University London because of financial difficulties. As such, each year the University offers a number of means-tested bursaries for full-time study on undergraduate programmes.

Read more

Student Finance England

Funding for UK, and EU nationals, as well as students with the status of Migrant Worker.

Read more

US Financial Aid

Direct subsidised and unsubsidised loans for US citizens, as well as Direct PLUS loans for eligible US citizens and Green card holders administered by the US Department of Education (USED) for all eligible degree programmes offered at Regent’s University London.

Read more

European Business School London International Scholarship

Two half-scholarships cover half the fees for one standard programme duration, and one full scholarship covers the full fees for a standard programme duration. Scholarships are awarded through a competition process. Available for specific programmes.

Read more

Future Finance loans

Alternative loan funding for students studying at Regent's University London

Read more

Study methods

You will be taught by highly experienced staff with backgrounds in all areas of business and management, including finance, economics, accounting, information systems, crosscultural management and marketing.

Teaching methods include lectures, seminars and IT lab sessions. In the main you will be taught in small class groups of up to 25 students, and no more than 12 for language subjects, ensuring that your tutors can offer
you individual attention and support in your learning.

We emphasise the practical application of academic learning. You will explore real-world case studies, visit different organisations and hear from regular guest lecturers, offering new perspectives from industry and academia.

As you progress through the levels of the programme, the emphasis shifts from learning to analysis and critical appraisal of the subject matter, reflecting your academic and personal development.

Assessment structure

Assessment methods include tests, quizzes, exams, case studies, essays, projects and presentations, all of which will enable you to amass credits and marks that contribute to your final degree classification.

Students with disabilities

Some of our courses encourage trips outside of the campus. If you have a condition that affects your mobility you are advised to contact the Disability Officer.

Enquire about programme

Regent’s University London has no connection with Regent University of Virginia USA



Last updated: 05 October 2015


Apply for the programme

Key information

International Business
BA (Hons)
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European Business School London
Full time
3.5 years
£15,450 *
Yes *
Next start date
January 2016 *
Study abroad
Regent's University London

* See the admissions tab for further details on fees, scholarships and future start dates

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I decided to study here because of the course, and because the campus is beautiful and in a great location.  So far, I’ve gained not only greater knowledge, but a vast range of practical skills, that I will be able to implement in a working environment. The most interesting aspect of my studies is the emphasis on developing students’ skills for the workplace in the future.

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This degree is recognised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). In the final year of this programme, students are provided with access to CMI resources, and can apply for membership to the CMI on degree completion.