Internationalism is one of Regent’s five main strategic goals and the University has long operated a variety of international partnerships in support of this. Since acquiring Taught Degree Awarding Powers in 2012 and University status in 2013, Regent’s has developed a variety of collaborative partnerships with institutions around the world.


Our Internationalisation Strategy, which was finalised in 2014, has approved the following three models of collaborative arrangement for development with international partners:

  • Articulation Agreements: a process whereby all students who satisfy academic criteria on one programme are automatically entitled (on academic grounds) to be admitted with advanced standing to a subsequent stage of a programme of a degree-awarding body.
  • Dual/double or multiple awards: arrangements where two or more awarding bodies together provide a single jointly delivered programme (or programmes) leading to separate awards (and separate certification) being granted by both, or all, of them.
  • Jointly delivered programme: a programme delivered or provided jointly by two or more organisations, irrespective of the award (whether single, joint, dual/double or multiple). It refers to the education provided rather than the nature of the award.

Regent’s develops and operates collaborative arrangements with institutions that:

  • Share Regent’s values
  • Are located within our priority markets
  • Can help Regent’s provide new opportunities for students who otherwise would be unable to access our distinctive style of education

If you represent an institution that is interested in developing a collaborative agreement with Regent’s, please email [email protected]

  • Register of Collaborative Provision
  • Appointing New Partners
    1. Early scrutiny of prospective partners process
    2. Due Diligence Report
    3. Approving models of partnership and site visit
  • Collaborative Provision Policy