By offering your support you can help other students to have the great experience of learning and development that you enjoyed.

Become a mentor – the Alumni Association has been piloting an alumni-mentoring scheme with current postgraduate students. Our mentors gained a great deal of personal satisfaction from the experience and we are looking for alumni volunteers to expand the scheme. Read more about becoming a mentor below.

Find an intern – you can support current students by offering internships. They gain valuable employment experience, while you get the enthusiasm and skills of our brightest talent. If you can offer internships or work experience then email the careers team now.

Recruit the next generation - encourage more prospective students to join Regent’s University and experience the transformative education you did by joining the alumni recruit programme.

Organise your own reunion - the alumni office can offer you help and advice on how to make your reunion a success.

Tell us your stories – we always want to hear your news, so if you are winning awards, breaking records or just want to keep in touch then email the alumni team now.

Mentoring at Regent's University London 

We have launched Regent's Mentors as a way for current students to benefit from personal developmental relationships with alumni and friends of the University who have chosen to put their experience to work in nurturing a new generation.

How much time do I need to commit?

When you are paired with a mentee, you each sign an agreement outlining outcomes agreed between you.  We recommend at least one face-to-face meeting with your mentee each month, supplemented by email or telephone contact if you find that useful.  From time to time your schedule or the workload of your mentee will mean that you need to miss a meeting. This is fully understandable and won't impair the relationship. The official period of mentoring lasts for a term, although in practice you may wish to remain in contact with your mentee long after graduation.

What skills or experience do I need?

You need no practical experience of mentoring, as full support will be given when you become a mentor. You just need a willingness to listen, share the benefit of your experience in work and life and help your mentee through discussion and reflection.

What are the benefits?

Regent's Mentors have dedicated support within the Alumni Relations Team.  A full range of benefits for mentors includes:

  • Satisfaction from supporting the Regent’s University community through helping current students and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow
  • Professional networking opportunities with other mentors through special events organised for mentors and mentees
  • Official recognition in our publications and online
  • Membership of the Regent’s University Mentors’ Forum 

What are the next steps?

For information on how to register please email the Alumni Relations team.