Regent’s University London Student Mentor / Consultant - Clare Concannon shares an insight into a very unusual networking encounter

Just Desserts!


Dessert is often a difficult decision after a relaxing meal, on this particular Friday evening whilst soaking up the atmosphere of our local country pub; the decision was made for me.  My partner received an emergency call for help from a friend in need; their electrics had just blown. Dessert menu abandoned we drove into London and my role of dinner companion swiftly changed to Property Maintenance Manager's mate!

Whilst passing tools in the kitchen of the stressed home owner we engaged in the most unlikely midnight conversation, it transpired that he was a partner in a reputable London law firm and the more I actively listened to his recruitment frustrations, the more I realised an opportunity was about to unfold. A recent recruitment drive for a Business Intern had proved to be unsuccessful, disappointed with the lack of passion,  drive and related business experience the talented individual had yet to be found.

As soon as I mentioned the RUL Mentoring Programme the conversation took on a completely new direction, the opportunity being described to me was the perfect match for my mentee Nicola Clary. We had met on several occasions and as a result of our mentoring agreement I had a clear vision of Nicola’s networking and internship strategy; although not part of our normal remit; this networking opportunity turned out to be the reward for a very dedicated and self-motivated individual, who had impressed me with his professionalism and business communication skills, with a touch of telephone mentoring and endless research, this unique blend of talent, secured his just desserts!

“My first week has gone from strength to strength, today I attended a lunch with another partner and the networking continues, with links back to the university and opportunities for other mentees; I really like the environment at the office, people are friendly and I feel appreciated by them.”

“The position will work around my studies and could develop into an interesting role with the network of luxury brand clients and potential joint events with RUL!”


The moral of this story is to allow the unthinkable and unexpected to happen, with every networking opportunity, watch listen and lea
rn to 
establish new beginnings and develop your own approach. Nicola’s employer has now become a mentor at RUL and has met with the Business Relations Team regarding potential student consultancy projects. Nicola Clary is happy to be a buddy support to new mentees on the programme.