“You will work hard, but you are in good hands” - Nicola Clary, Regent's mentee, now also Buddy to new mentees, shares his insights and advice on how to make the most of your time at Regent's by joining the Mentoring Programme.

PhotomentoringjustdesertsAs soon as I started my Master’s Degree at Regent’s University, something great happen to me – my level of motivation and ambition had never been so high. I was ready to embrace all the opportunities that the University offered me.

Just a few days after the induction week, I received an email from the Careers and Alumni Department to make me aware that the office was arranging the Mentor Programme, inviting me to an informal session to have a more detailed insight. This caught my attention immediately; I did not wait a minute and promptly made my reservation.

The session was clearly presented and specified that the mentor programme does not mean finding a job, more working in partnership with the mentor, in order to create the opportunities of finding a job and being fully prepared when these transpire.

The presentation ended with an explanation about the application process and informed us that scheme had limited places; this did not demotivate me, instead it increased my interest and intention to become part of the scheme.

My application was successful. In a few days I had confirmation to meet my mentor; I could not wait, wondering what the person would be like who would start me on my career pathway!

Finally the Meet the Mentor event arrived and I met my mentor, Clare Concannon. As soon as we met she was able to make me feel comfortable with her smile and attention when listening to my background story, gradually exploring my motivations and ambitions through open and frank dialogue. I was sure that the person in front of me was genuine and one who was clearly motivated to help me.

Since then we have been having a really flexible ongoing communication. We started with regular meeting in person almost every two weeks, in addition to phone calls and emails that worked well during busy assignment deadlines.

During the first meetings Clare taught me the importance of establishing short, medium and long term goals, with a realistic approach and the importance of networking, introducing me to relevant members of the Careers and Business Relations team, Julian Childs – Careers Coach and Senior Business Developer, when we first met he hold me “You will work hard, but you are in good hands”.  He was right!

Meeting after meeting my attitude was changing, I was looking into the sky and reaching for not only the rooms on the top floor of buildings, now I could see the whole landscape and started to reach for even higher levels.

I was really enjoying the time with my mentor. Discussions were always more related to real scenarios. The first semester was nearly finished and I was already attending some interviews.

There was an opportunity in the air; Clare called me saying that a well-established London Law Firm, Silverman Sherliker, was looking for suitable candidates for the position of Marketing Assistant.

It was the moment that we had been waiting for and it represented what we had both been working on for months, rather than just any opportunity this was a realistic first step!

The e-mail exchange went well and I got an interview. We both were really enthusiastic and focused on making the interview successful. Clare’s support was fundamental, discussing a variety techniques and approaches with me that greatly increased my self-confidence. You can probably guess the rest…

The interview went well and I spent five amazing months in a genuine and motivating work environment. After a couple of weeks, I was already feeling part of the work team. My new ideas were appreciated and my responsibilities started increasing day after day.

Due to the beginning of my second semester I am no longer with them, however that experience created a great relationship with the staff,  we are still in touch and I am attending networking events to keep the door open!

It has been an awesome experience and I would like to thank Clare and all the people that are now part of my network.

To conclude, I would like to suggest to current mentees that an honest, two-way communication with your mentor is the key to making your experience successful and remember to always keep an open mind towards the opportunities that may be presented to you. 

If you are a student contemplating joining the Mentoring Programme, I trust that this article will encourage you to make your experience at Regent's completely successful and unforgettable – just like mine!

 If you have any questions about the programme or you would like to have a conversation about your experience as mentee please do not hesitate drop me a line at

 Nicola Clary – Buddy to mentees at RUL