Star Coordinator

Our alumna Ines Duarte de Sousa, shares her experiences at Regent's and the benefits of being a Regent's Club Coordinator.

Ines PhotoInes Duarte de Sousa, BA International Business Graduate, Regent's University London

I attended Regent’s University London between 2003 to 2007; and when I come to think about it, it’s been eleven years, though it only feels like yesterday.

I have been very lucky to be able to study at such a University; not too large, not too small and with such cultural diversity. If I could recall some of my greatest memories; perhaps it would start with Tuke Bar, followed by the Student Union and the amazing opportunity Regent’s University gives you in taking part in a study abroad program.

Considering most of the students (except mostly BACL Students), lived outside campus, TUKE was a great spot for all of us to mingle after class, and the Student Union provided many events that brought all four Schools together. I did my study abroad period in Australia, and I really have Regent’s University to thank for this unforgettable experience. I recommend that all students who have this opportunity to take it up!

After I graduated I did a Postgrad in Hotel Management, at the Swiss Hotel Management School, Les Roches in Marbella, and soon after moved to Barcelona for a year to work for Ritz Carlton. I also had the opportunity to work for three years in a Travel Agency in Portugal, and decided next I wanted to head back to the corporate world, and join NESTLÉ, here in Barcelona.

It is a great initiative to have Regent’s Clubs all over the world, as it gives you an opportunity to meet with people that have probably followed similar steps as you, after leaving college. It works as an amazing network not only for social purposes but even for work purposes, as you gather with people who are working in all sorts of different industries and markets.

I have gladly accepted being a coordinator, as it keeps me bonded with the University that has prepared me for life after college, and as it was my home for three years (I lived on Campus).

I must say the first University Reunion back in 2011, was a great success, I do hope for more to come!

Last updated: 19 February 2015