your vacancies

Employers can advertise paid full and part-time roles, work placements and internships free of charge on the Regent's Vacancies Board.

We use social media channels to promote your opportunities near their deadline to our uniquely talented and multi-lingual students and alumni.

Charities also often use this service to recruit volunteers.

You can also use this facility to advertise free of charge for assistance with a specific business or consultancy project, as long as it has relevance to a particular degree programme. Find out more.

Once an opportunity is posted and approved, it will usually go live within one working day.

Advantages to posting on our vacancies board

  • A free, efficient and responsive service to help you find the right candidate for the role.

  • Privileged access to a multinational pool of students and alumni from over 140 countries, bringing you valuable language skills plus the benefit of a truly international perspective.

  • Our student-facing Careers and Placements Advisors and Career Coaches create awareness for your positions, so students and recent graduates applying meet your specific business needs.

To find out more, please contact or call us on +44 (0)20 7487 7618.

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