Corporate Governance

The University is a Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee.

It is governed by Articles of Association which state that the primary purposes are the advancement of education for the public benefit; and the foundation, maintenance, support and carrying on of a university.

Counter Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Statement

Regent’s University London is committed to the proper use of funds. As a consequence, it is essential that everyone associated with the University - including staff, students, employees, contractors and third-parties are aware of the risk of fraud, corruption, theft and other activities involving dishonesty, in all its forms and familiarise themselves with relevant University policies.

The University aims to reduce instances of fraud, bribery and corruption to the absolute minimum and to also put in place internal controls and procedures that hold any fraud to a minimum level on an ongoing basis.

The University will investigate all allegations of fraud, bribery and corruption and seek to recover any financial losses which result. The University will report all frauds to the police and material frauds to its regulators.