Dominic Laffy 2 Dominic is a Senior Lecturer in Strategic Management in the Faculty of Business and Management at Regent’s University London. He first joined Regent’s as an academic over 20 years ago.

Dominic graduated from Kings College (London) in 1983 with a BSc (Eng) in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. In 1989, Dominic graduated with an MBA from Manchester Business School. His Dissertation was on ‘The Role of Information Technology in Human Resource Management’.

Dominic spent four years with Thorn-EMI Electronics in Radar System Design, predominantly around microprocessor systems. He later joined Thorn Security as Expert Systems Manager where he created a team to bring knowledge based technology to the company. This role included responsibility for a cost centre and project management. He worked on various projects including electronic linking of separate databases which resulted in significant financial benefit for the company in addition to implementation of cost control systems across eighteen locations. He was promoted to General Manager status within six months, his responsibilities widening to include overall responsibility for two cost centres as well as a range of internal consultancy activities across business functions and supporting all levels of the organisation from operational level all the way to the board.

Dominic began his academic career as a part-time lecturer at the European Business School (London) in 1993. He subsequently took on a full-time role as Subject Leader in Information Systems as well as module leader for a range of undergraduate modules. In 1998, while continuing his academic career part-time, Dominic co-founded Value Partnership LLP, a consultancy focusing on helping clients improve organisational effectiveness. He was a Director at Value Partnership LLP until 2005. During this period he also taught at other institutions including Westminster University and IEDE.

Dominic became full-time at Regent’s again in 2008, predominantly focusing on teaching Strategic Management for undergraduate courses at Regents Business School along with some electives for both Regent’s Business School and European Business School (London). He previously served on the Senate and is still on the Joint Consultative Committee at Regent's University London.

He is currently a member of the B.A.G.M. Programme Team at Regent’s Business School. He has conducted joint research and presented resulting papers at the British Academy of Management and International Design Connexion conferences. In 2012/2013 he served as Associate Head of Department for the Department of Marketing and Strategy.

Dominic became a Staff Trustee of Regent’s University London in July 2014 and is a member of the Finance & Investment Committee.