Health & Safety Committee


To report to the Trustees through the CEO on occupational health and safety issues.


1 Formulate proposals in respect of occupational health and safety.
2 Establish, maintain and monitor standards of occupational health and safety.
3 Report to the CEO on health and safety issues affecting the campus.
4 Consider the reports made by the Occupational Health and Safety Representatives, Occupational Health and Safety Officer, enforcing authority and OH&S auditors.
5 Monitor the adequacy of Occupational Health and Safety communication and publicity.
6 Examine safety audit reports, inspections and accident reports to take note of these and recommend any necessary action.
7 Evaluate the Occupational Health and Safety Policy and procedures making recommendations for its revision when appropriate.
8 Monitor the effectiveness of safety content of staff and student training.
9 Consider strategic health and safety issues.


Management Representatives:

Company Secretary (Chair)
HASS Faculty Manager (Deputy Chair)
Director of Facilities
Head of Facilities – Campus Services (OH&S Officer)
Head of Facilities – Maintenance and Premises (Fire Officer)

OH&S Representatives: Faculties and Departments – up to 20

Disability Representative: Chair of the Disabilities Committee

Student Representative: President of the Student Union

Ex-officio Member: Chief Executive Officer

Any member should nominate someone to attend in their place subject to prior (48hours) notification to the Chair.

General Information about the Health & Safety Committee

This Committee will be primarily concerned with matters of policy and procedures and will not become involved in discussing solutions to local or day-to day health and safety issues that should be addressed on a daily basis by management. It is essential that staff and students use the normal channels of communication before referring to the Occupational Health & Safety Committee.

1. The College recognises the importance of keeping the Committee reasonably compact. The number of management representatives may therefore not exceed the number of staff representatives. The aim of this Committee is to allow adequate representation from all interested parties.

2. Management representation is aimed at ensuring :

i. Adequate authority to give proper consideration to the views and recommendations expressed by the Committee.

ii. The necessary knowledge and expertise to provide accurate information to the Committee on College policy, procedures and matters relating to the premises, facilities, processes, plant and equipment.

iii. Voting rights would be divided between the Occupational Health & Safety representatives and the management representatives each has a maximum of 50%.

iv. Permanent membership of the Occupational Health & Safety Committee will consist of:
• Four or five Management Representatives
• Up to twenty Occupational Health and Safety Representatives to be determined by the Chair to reflect appropriate representation from Faculties, College Departments and external contractors such as providers of Security, Catering and Cleaning.
• One Student Representative Student Union President or nominee
• One Disability Representative Chairman of the Disabilities Committee or nominee
• Trade Union Safety Representative (as and when TU recognised)

v. The Committee is empowered to co-opt other staff and students where it is considered that their specialist subject expertise may be required. These co-opted members will be considered ex-officio members and will not have voting rights.

vi. The Company Secretary will Chair the Committee. The Committee may wish to draw up additional rules and terms of reference from time to time in line with current health and safety legislation.

vii. Quoracy – The quorum of the Committee shall be six members, to consist of two management and four representatives. As a matter of operating procedure, the meeting would generally look for consensus of opinion, rather than resorting to voting on issues. If a meeting is quorate, at the request of any two members a decision may be deferred to the next or a special meeting for further consideration.

viii. The Committee may also appoint subcommittees to study particular health and safety problems, address health and safety issues or develop new procedures and safe systems of work.

ix. Management Representatives will take responsibility for ensuring continuity of membership of the sub-committees drawn from the membership of the Main Committee.

x. The Chair will ensure that copies of the minutes of the Occupational Health and Safety Committee are passed to the Directorate for inclusion in the papers for the Board of Trustees and on the intranet for staff and students to view.

xi. The Committee will establish health and safety standards, policies, arrangements and procedures for the College.