Information Systems Steering Group (ISSG)


The membership of the group comprises of owners of strategic university information systems:

Chief Information Officer (Chair)
Head of ITS 
Head of MIS 
Head of Learning Resources
Learning Technology Manager
OCIO IT Project Manager
Head of Student Registry 
Head of Facilities 
HR Systems Manager
Head of Group Accounting
Head of Marketing and Brand

Terms of Reference

The Information Systems Steering Group is an advisory 

The purpose of this group is to ensure that Strategic Information Systems are meeting the Strategic aims of the University.

1. To monitor progress in the performance and development of University Strategic Information Systems and significant information systems projects.
2. consider proposals, evaluate wider impacts and prioritise new and significant developments of University Strategic Information Systems.
3. receive representations and updates from key stakeholders and users of University Strategic Information Systems.
4. communicate decisions, plans and priorities to all University stakeholders.
5. maintain an inventory of Strategic Information Systems.
6. report updates to the Directorate.

Objectives and Authority to Act

The committee has been given delegated authority from Directorate in the following areas:

1. To monitor, scrutinise and prioritise the developments and replacements of strategic information systems, ensuring value for money, delivery within agreed timeframes, and alignment with appropriate OCIO and wider university strategies.  
2. To agree reports and business cases prior to submission to internal stakeholder groups. 
3. To work with the Internal Communications Office to ensure effective communications are maintained with all key stakeholder groups, including a dedicated user group of Strategic Information Systems.
4. To report to Directorate on significant developments within the universities information systems and how they contribute towards the University Corporate Plan.


The ISSG requires at least one of the Chief Information Officer, Head of ITS, and Head of Management Information Systems to be present to act as Chair, together with at least 4 other members to be considered quorate.

Group members are asked to nominate an alternate in the event they are unable to attend.

Secretarial support will be provided by the OCIO Business Manager.

Standing Orders

• The Chief Information Officer shall be Chair of the ISSG. Alternatively the CIO may delegate the Chair to the Head of ITS or Head of Management Information Systems.
• The COO may be asked to attend meetings of the ISSG as ex-officio as and when required.
• The ISSG may request the attendance of other members of staff to provide information on items on the agenda for any meeting.
• The ISSG will normally meet every 6 weeks

Minutes of the ISSG will be distributed to all group members within 1 week of each meeting. Subject to amendments, minutes will be uploaded to the university intranet 1 week after minutes have been distributed to the committee.