Professional Services Group


Head of Catering & Events
Head of Estates
Head of Learning Resources
Head of Development & Alumni Relations
Head of Careers & Business Relations
Financial Accountant
Head of International Partnerships Office
Head of IS
Head of Student Services
Associate Director of HR
Head of Marketing & Communications
Outreach Manager
Head of Project Management Office
Chair of the Senate Academic Affairs Committee

Terms of reference

The Professional Services Group is an advisory and communications group with representation from the sectors of the University which have responsibilities for all aspects of corporate support. The PSG is established to:

- identify and report on key issues relating to support of the University’s businesses and which may have a University wide impact and to bring these to the attention of the Senate Academic Affairs Committee and Directorate to ensure best decisions can be made given on the most effective courses of action.

- provide a University wide forum for the regular discussion of issues of the development of services and a service culture and to formulate reports or proposals for consideration by Directorate to consider key service issues and to ensure that consistent approaches are being maintained in all areas. Such issues would include but not be limited to: IT and learning resources, reception service, security matters, interface with academic faculties, investments in all resources and facilities, response times in all areas, costs, staffing levels in support areas and efficient operations.

- any proposals for the establishment of formal policies must be made to Directorate.

- contribute to the development of the University’s strategic plan.

- act as a communications channel to all areas of the University on proposed service and facilities developments which may have an impact on staff.

- aid in the development and reinforcement of a common University culture to enhance the collegiate environment.

Standing orders

1 The Chair of the PSG will be by election from its membership using a simple majority of those present at a quorate meeting at which such election has been notified as being on the agenda.

2 The period of office of the chair shall be for two years following which the Chair must step down for at least four years.

3 The chair may be removed and a vacancy and re-election declared by a two thirds majority of those present at a quorate meeting at which a motion to remove the chair, supported by five members, has been notified as being on the agenda.

4 All members of the team gain their inclusion ex officio and membership will cease as of right should they move to a role which is not included in the list above.

5 Where necessary members of the PSG may appoint alternates to attend meetings at which they are unable to be present.

6 The PSG may request the attendance of other members of staff to provide information on items on the agenda for any meeting.

7 Formal minutes, prepared in the prevailing and agreed University format will be a requirement of the operation of the PSG. Copies of the formal minutes will be forwarded to the Chief Operating Officer within one week of the meeting.

8 With the exception of materials deemed confidential due to data protection issues or matter of business sensitivity, minutes will be published on the University intranet.

9 The Secretary to the PSG will be an administrator from the CEO’s office nominated by the COO.

10 The PSG will meet as frequently or infrequently as deemed appropriate by its membership. This would normally be not less than five times per year with each meeting scheduled to provide the latest minutes to the COO and Directorate one month before each Trustee Board meeting.

11 The Chair of the PSG, accompanied by the Chair of the SAAC will meet with Directorate three weeks before each Trustee Board meeting.

12 Extraordinary meetings can be called at a week’s notice by request to the Chairman of five members.

13 The PSG shall not be considered quorate if fewer than half its members are present.

14 If the PSG becomes inquorate during the proceedings, it shall continue its business unless a voting member objects.