Regent’s University London is a registered charity, number 291583.


Charities are voluntary organisations set up for the benefit of the community. Whatever their size or purpose, an essential requirement of a charity is that it acts for the public benefit and independently of government or commercial interests. Whilst charities can in certain circumstance trade for profit, they must use any such profit for the purposes of the charity. To qualify as a charity an organisation has to meet strict conditions about its overall purposes (its objects). The charity also has to meet strict conditions of its Governing Document.

All charities are subject to Charity law. As Regent’s University London is a registered charity which is also a registered company it is also subject to Company law.

Regent's University London is registered with the Charity Commission which is established by law as the regulator and registrar for charities in England and Wales. Its role as a regulator is to secure compliance with Charity law, to promote sound governance and to enable charities to work better within an effective legal, accounting and governance framework and to keep up with developments in society, the economy and the law.

‘Sound governance’ for the Charity Commission means that ‘an effective charity is run by a clearly identifiable trustee body that has the right balance of skills and experience to run the charity effectively, acts in the best interests of the charity and its beneficiaries, understands its responsibilities and has systems in place to exercise them effectively.’

(Quote taken from the Charity Commission document ‘The Hallmarks of an Effective Charity’).