The International Partnerships Office held the Annual Partner and Affiliate Conference from Wednesday 11th January until Friday 13th January 2012.

The 2012 Annual Partner and Affiliate Conference brought together to Regent’s College London many academic leaders from our partner universities around the world to discuss current issues and search for solutions to present and future challenges in International Higher Education.

The select group of academic leaders who spoke at this event focused primarily on the International Higher Education global outlook. Themes included Quality Assurance in the UK and Internationally, Running a Multi-Campus University, Internationalisation of the Curriculum, The Benefits of International Education or Mobile Learning and Social Media in Higher Education.

This year’s Conference was very successful because the programme covered global issues, exposed participants to new ideas and gave them opportunities to learn more about Regent’s College and meet colleagues from universities in their own country and other world regions with whom they shared best practices and forged new partnerships.

To see details of this year’s event, please see the conference programme (PDF).

Photos of the event can be found on Flickr.