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Linda Li, Principal Lecturer, Regent’s Institute of Languages & Culture (RILC)


Linda works in Regent’s Institute of Languages and Culture who employ staff from a wide range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and all tutors are native speakers of the language they teach.

“I really appreciate the physical environment of Regent’s Park and the campus which is unique in the heart of London. I also value the international working environment where staff and students all respect each other’s culture.

I have been at Regent’s since January 2001 and I have a very rewarding job teaching students Mandarin. They often start out having never studied the language and after 3.5 years can speak it fluently! As Regent’s is a new University, there are plenty of opportunities for staff to show their creativity, initiative and passion. 

I would really encourage language teachers to apply for jobs at Regent’s. It’s a student focused environment where staff are devoted and hard working. The University promotes research and is currently supporting me with my PhD. We also offer free evening language classes to staff.”

Katherine Rose, Information Systems Librarian, Learning Resources Department


Katherine works in the Library, which supports teaching, research and the student experience at Regent’s. The Library provides a wide range of print and online resources, and aims to deliver a high-quality service to students and staff, which includes training and assistance with finding information and referencing.

“I have been at Regent’s since July 2013 and have a varied role which I really enjoy. Professional development is really encouraged and we have great training opportunities, and the pay and holidays are a great benefit."

"The whole environment is friendly and collegiate and it is so nice to work in such a lovely environment."

"There are lots of free cultural events that staff can attend which are unusual and very fun.”

Professor Jonathan Liu, Professor of Global Business Management and Faculty Research Leader, Faculty of Business & Management


Jonathan has worked at Regent’s since 2008 and has a dual role in the Faculty of Business & Management which has around 87 full-time equivalent staff and a headcount of approximately 92 people.

“In my role as Faculty Research Leader I spend most of my time discussing research pursuits with colleagues as well as developing training seminars and workshops on developing research skills. I also teach a module focused on entrepreneurship & ventures and very much enjoy the time I spend working with students.

Regent’s is a friendly environment where staff and students are on a first name basis, with the common aim of improving ourselves through education development. Regent’s is a very collegiate organisation with good facilities for staff and students including libraries, breakout spaces, digital diaries and electronic library access: all especially important for researchers to have the time and space for creative thinking and output. Regent’s is a multicultural environment that brings together an array of people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Colleagues are helpful and thoughtful and Regent’s is a very good place to develop yourself because it is small and adaptive to current environment needs.”