Digital Champions

At Regent’s University London, we're always looking for ways to improve the students and the staff’s teaching and learning experience.

Digital Champions information

Are you an enthusiastic user of Learning Technology for enhancing the student experience? Would you like to help inspire and motivate colleagues to fulfil their digital potential? If so why not apply to become a Regent’s Digital Champion!

This scheme is open to academic and professional services staff at Regent’s University London. As a Regent’s Digital Champion you will work closely with the Academic and Educational Developments team, supporting and developing digital education initiatives across the University.


  • Help our Digital Champions share good practice across the University
  • Improve staff digital literacy and thus improve the quality of the learning materials the students receive
  • Make workflows more efficient for staff
  • Strengthen communication and relationships between the Learning Technology Team, Academic and Educational Developments team, academic and professional services staff

What the scheme provides

  • 15 hours of dedicated support from a member of the Learning Technology team to support your Digital Champions project
  • The facility for each Digital Champion to record their project using different types of media
  • Help to evaluate your project
  • Verification of each Digital Champion’s personal and professional achievements through Digital Champions certificates
  • The opportunity to present the findings of their project to the end of year Digital Champions exhibition
  • A Digital Champions section on Blackboard which can be amended to provide relevant, up-to-date information to your Digital Champion project
  • Access for all Digital Champions to all of our Learning Technology workshops to increase your knowledge and develop essential digital teaching techniques
  • Details of the Digital Champions projects and information about publications based on these projects will be displayed on this page

Selection of Digital Champions

The selection panel will consist of a member of the Learning Technology Team, a member of the Digital Literacy Working Group and the Head of Academic and Educational Development. Selection criteria will include:

  • The project must involve some aspect of learning technology.
  • The extent that the project improves the students learning experience.
  • The extent to which your project has measurable and lasting outcomes for Regent’s University London. Does your proposed project include a method of measuring its own success and provide clear evidence that its outcomes are sustainable and of lasting value?

How to apply to be a Digital Champion

Staff applications are currently closed but will reopen later this year.