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Help with your studies

Help with your studies

We believe in student-centred learning. 

This means that we think what you, as the student, do is more important than what we, as teachers, do. We will support you to make your own decisions about your education, rather than telling you what to do.

We aim to treat you as an individual, to be ready to answer your questions, and to respect and welcome your contributions. Many of the classes are interactive, where the teachers will encourage you to share your ideas with others, work in groups and be a part of a community of learners.

You will find that your teachers are not only experts in their subjects and professions, but also keen to improve their teaching through acting on the feedback that you give them.

When you begin your studies at Regent’s, you will be assigned a Personal Tutor, who will be you point of contact throughout your studies. We offer extensive help in study skills, to help you reach your full potential. And to help you integrate into university life and the Regent’s community, you’ll take Global Perspectives, our innovative cross-faculty module.

Our Personal Tutor Scheme

Your Personal Tutor is there to support you throughout your degree programme.

In the UK the term ‘personal tutor’ does not mean someone who gives you one-to-one tuition on a specific subject. Instead, they are there to help and guide you through the decisions you make in your studies. You will meet them early in your time with us, and they will provide you with a consistent relationship throughout your academic career at Regent’s.

What your tutor can do for you:

  • Guide you on academic matters;
  • Support you in your personal and career development;
  • Help you to recognise your achievements and to form and achieve goals;
  • Advise you on the resources and services best suited to your needs;
  • Identify specific workshops or activities to help you improve your academic performance or develop your career plan.

Who and when:

  • Your Tutor will invite you to at least one individual meeting per term, to catch up with your progress and hear how you are doing.
  • You can always request additional meetings with your tutor, at any point during your degree. If you need more help, your tutor can also refer you on to appropriate services at the University.

Support in your study skills

The Academic Skills service supports all Regent’s students to achieve their academic potential in their studies and beyond.

We offer a range of flexible services to ensure that our students have the support they need, when they need it. Our experienced Academic Skills tutors can help you to enhance your academic writing or any other skill you feel you need to develop, including general study skills, research skills, critical thinking and dissertation writing.

  • One-to-one bookable tutorials
  • Drop-in tutorials
  • Workshops throughout the term:
    • General study skills
    • Advanced reading
    • Critical thinking skills
    • A comprehensive series of academic writing workshops

Regent’s offers Academic Skills workshops to support your learning. Workshops take place throughout the term and can be booked easily through the Academic Skills area on Blackboard.

We also offer one to one tutorials (45 minutes) throughout the year during which we can help you with any aspect of your academic work in areas such as those mentioned above. Tutorials can be booked via the Student Hub or by emailing [email protected]

Not all academic skills questions require a 45 minute appointment. In these instances, drop-in sessions at the Library and the Writing Café are available. If you'd like some quick feedback on an assignment or have a question about anything academic skills related, please just drop by and see us!

Global Perspectives

First year undergraduate students from all our degree programmes (except for Liberal Studies) come together for our unique Global Perspectives module.

Students and staff from every part of the University come together to interact and share cultural and disciplinary viewpoints. You will get the chance to explore the values that Regent’s embraces, and which we feel will help you make the most of your time with us. These include employability and entrepreneurship, equality and mutual respect, citizenship and sustainability. The module is delivered through a mixture of small seminar groups and larger events, using innovative interactive teaching techniques.

Academic English at Regent's

The experienced Regent’s English for Academic Purposes (EAP) team, based in Regent’s Institute of Languages and Culture (RILC), offers you a variety of opportunities to improve your academic English skills, in other words, the type of English required for study and research purposes.

English for Academic Purposes

New undergraduate students who are borderline to Regent’s English language entry requirements are given the opportunity to hone their English in a tailored module, English for Academic Purposes, designed to bring them up-to-speed in their first semester.

English Skills

All Regent’s students (undergraduates and postgraduates) are welcome to attend the free English Skills sessions. These sessions focus on various aspects of academic English and you can attend all sessions or select the ones you feel are most relevant.

The sessions are also open to exchange students so, whatever your background, consider joining the English Skills sessions to boost your confidence in your spoken and written English! You can sign up by emailing [email protected] or by visiting the Student Hub.

Connect English Electives

Note that RILC’s EAP team also teaches academic, business and professional English electives. Feel free to contact us at the above email address for further information about these modules.