Dr Ana-Maria Pascal

Director (Content) Liberal Arts

Professional Biography

Dr Ana-Maria Pascal www.ampascal.com is Associate Professor in Philosophy, with twenty-year experience of teaching and research at universities in Europe, the US and the UK. She specialises in post-Kantian philosophy, metaphysics, hermeneutics, and public ethics. She has a twofold background – in continental philosophy and international business. Her practical experience includes policy-work on corporate accountability, health and safety law enforcement and migrant workers’ rights as UK Director at the Centre for Corporate Accountability (2006 – 2009). Since 2010, Dr Pascal has been the leader of an international Corporate Responsibility Network

Dr Pascal is a qualified QAA reviewer and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She is currently a Director of programmes in Liberal Arts, a disciplinary area which includes Psychology and PPE. She is Visiting Professor in Philosophy at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan. 

Dr Pascal co-edited a book on European Developments in Corporate Criminal Liability (London & New York: Routledge, 2011) and was interviewed for a documentary on corporate responsibility in the UK v Japan for NHK Japan, April 2013. She also edited a book on the impact of religion on society (Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society, Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2017) and an authored monograph about Narratives and the Role of Philosophy in Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Emerging Research and Opportunities (Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2018). She published numerous peer-reviewed articles on hermeneutics, metaphysics, business ethics and human rights (see the list of Publications below).

She is currently working on a long-term research project in comparative metaphysics across Western and non-Western traditions. The project brings together experts in both analytic and Continental philosophy, as well as scholars in Hindu, Buddhist, Confucian and Islamic traditions; they meet regularly and have annual conferences, the first of which took place in September 2021, at Cumberland Lodge. The next one is scheduled for September 2022. Find out more here


  • 2017: PhD Supervisor Development Program, University of Northampton
  • 2012: Postgraduate Certificate in Developing Professional Practice in Higher Education, University of Wales Newport (with Merit)
  • 2006: MBA with specialisation in International Finance, Hult International Business School London
  • 2005: PhD in Philosophy, Al. I. Cuza University (Cum laude)
  • 1999: MA in Philosophy, Al. I. Cuza University
  • 1998: BA in Philosophy, Al. I. Cuza University

Relevant Past Employment

  • 2012 – 2013: Senior Academic Manager, LEB Education, London
  • 2011 – 2012: MBA Programme Director, London College of Business
  • 2008 – 2010: Senior Researcher and Lecturer, University of Essex, School of Law  
  • 2006 – 2009: UK Director, Centre for Corporate Accountability, London
  • 2004 – 2006: Provost’s Academic Assistant, Huron University USA in London / Hult International Business School (voluntary position)
  • 2003: Research Fellow, Graduate Faculty for Social and Political Sciences, New School for Social Research, New York
  • 1999 – 2004: Lecturer in Philosophy, Faculty of Economics, Petre Andrei University, Iasi, Romania


Authored books

Narratives and the Role of Philosophy in Cross-Disciplinary Studies: Emerging Research and Opportunities. Hershey, PA: IGI Global (2018)

Pragmatismul si ‘sfarsitul’ metafizicii (Pragmatism and ‘the End’ of Metaphysics), Iasi, Romania: Al. I. Cuza University Press (2009) – awarded the “Aurel Leon” prize for debut, 2010 

Edited books

Multiculturalism and the Convergence of Faith and Practical Wisdom in Modern Society. Hershey, PA: IGI Global (2017)

European Developments in Corporate Criminal Liability (with James Gobert), London & New York: Routledge (2011); paperback edition 2014

Book chapters

The Hunting Game in Hermeneutics: Meaning, Memory and Desire in Interpretation, in Učník, Ľ. and Williams, A. (eds.) (2017) Phenomenology and the Problem of Meaning in Human Life and History. Pp. 161-178. libri nigri 60. Nordhausen: Verlag Traugott Bautz

Who Cares Whose Cars? A Philosophical Analysis of Business and Human Rights, in Rendtorff, J. D. (ed.) (2017) Perspectives on Philosophy of Management and Business Ethics, Ethical Economy. Studies in Economic Ethics and Philosophy 51, Springer International Publishing, pp. 247-262

The Dialectics of Recognition in Leibniz’s Theodicy and A Possible Route to Modern Political Thought, in Pisano R., Fichant M., Bussotti, P. and Oliveira A.R.E. (eds.) (2017) The Dialogue between Sciences, Philosophy and Engineering. New Historical and Epistemological Insights, London: The College Publications, pp. 343-363

Business Ethics is Socio-Political or Not at All: The Case of Rosia Montana, in Wolf, R., & Issa, T. (eds.) (2015). International Business Ethics and Growth Opportunities. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-7419-6, pp. 251-281

Montaigne’s Pragmatic Scepticism, or the Ethics of Doubt, in Esprits Modernes. Etudes sur les modèles de pensée alternatifs aux XVIe – XVIIe siècles (2003). Bucharest University and Vasile Goldiş University Press, Bucharest and Arad, pp. 213-234  

Metaphysical Limits of Interpretation in Gadamer and Davidson, in Afloroaei, St. (ed.) (2001) Limits of Interpretation, Iasi: Axis, pp. 325-334 

Book translations

Richard Shusterman (2004) Estetica pragmatista: Arta in stare vie. Translated from English (Pragmatist Aesthetics: Living Beauty, Rethinking Art, Lanham, MA and Oxford, UK: Rowman & Littlefield). Iasi: Institutul European


Business and Human Rights, from Theory to Practice and Law to Morality: Taking a Philosophical Look at the Proposed UN Treaty. Philosophy of Management. Springer. 2020 

Elements of Pragmatist Interpretation in Modern Aesthetics, Hermeneia. Review of Hermeneutics, no 7/2007, Axis, Iasi, pp. 45 – 59 

Blinkered: A Pragmatist Critique of Liberalism, Tischner Debates, published online by Warsaw University and the Institute for Social Sciences Vienna, November 2006 

Corporate Governance, Shareholder Value and Societal Expectations (with Richard Tudway), Corporate Governance. The International Journal of Business in Society, Vol. 6, No 3, 2006, Emerald Publishing Group, Oxford, pp. 305 – 316 

Beyond the Ivory Tower: From Business Aims to Policy-Making (with Richard Tudway), Public Administration and Development (Bimonthly ISSN: 0271-2075) Vol. 26, No 2, 2006, John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, England, pp. 99–108 

Cioran’s West: On Heroes, Foreignness, and Destiny, Hermeneia. Review of Hermeneutics, no 6/2006, Axis, Iasi, pp. 129-137 

Par amnésie – or Forgetting as Therapy, ID, No 2 (17), February 2006, Bucharest, p. 48 

International Aid. From the Moral Case, to Everyday Life Experiences, a reply to Sir Tim Lankester’s “International Aid: Experience, Prospects and the Moral Case”, Cultura. International Journal of Philosophy of Culture and Axiology (ISSN: 1584-1057) Iasi, No 4, 2005, pp. 154-71 

What does it mean to do metaphysics, nowadays? An Interview with Professor Daniel Garber from Princeton University, The Scientific Annals of Al. I. Cuza University, Faculty of Philosophy, Iasi: Al. I. Cuza University Press, 2004

The Master/Slave Dialectics in Leibniz’s Théodicée, The Scientific Annals of Al. I. Cuza University, Faculty of Philosophy, Iasi: Al. I. Cuza University Press, 2003

Recognition of the Other in a Theodicy, The Scientific Annals of Al. I. Cuza University, Faculty of Philosophy, Iasi: Al. I. Cuza University Press, 2002 

Wittgenstein, Rorty, and the Wild Orchid, Hermeneia. A Journal for Hermeneutic Studies and Research, No. 2-3 / 2001-2, Axis, Iasi, pp. 80-94 

From Language to Discourse: Foucault at Crossroads, Journal of Petre Andrei University, Iasi, 2001 

The Theory of Ideas in Descartes: Metaphysical Aspects, The Scientific Annals of Al. I. Cuza University, Faculty of Philosophy, Iasi: Al. I. Cuza University Press, 2000-2001, pp. 58-67 

National Identity and European Integration (with Liviu Drugus), Journal of Petre Andrei University, Iasi, 2000 

The Cross as Sacred Centre of the Created World, Krisis: Journal of Philosophy, no 5 / 1997, Bucharest, pp. 33-38 

Departmental working papers

The Notion of Public Sphere in Post-Totalitarian Times: A Normative Account, Working Papers of the Trans-regional Centre for Democratic Studies, Vol. 5:8, Graduate Faculty, New School University, New York, 2004 

Co-authored official reports

Migrants’ Workplace Deaths in Britain, published by the CCA and Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, London, March 2009 

Incidents Reported to the Health and Safety Executive: Lack of Investigation 2001 – 2007, published by the CCA and UNITE the Union, London, November 2008 

Guidance on Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007: A Comprehensive Briefing for the Layperson and the Expert, published by the CCA, London, May 2008 

CCA’s written response to the Sentencing Advisory Panel’s consultation on sentencing health and safety and manslaughter offences, February 2008 

CCA’s written response to the Work and Pensions Department’s Select Committee, concerning the work of the HSE and HSC, November 2007 

Bringing Justice to the Boardroom: The Case Against Voluntary Guidance and in Favour of a Change in Law to Impose Safety Duties on Directors, published by the CCA and UCATT, London, October 2007

Other outputs


2015: Emerald Literati Award for Outstanding Reviewer http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/authors/literati/awards.htm?year=2015

May 2010: “Aurel Leon” Prize won for a debut book – Pragmatism and ‘the End’ of Metaphysics, 2009

August 2003: “Macit Gökberk” Prize at the 21st World Congress of Philosophy, Istanbul

Conference Papers Given

  • 14 September 2021: The Apophatic approach of pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite – talk given at the Comparative Metaphysics conference, Cumberland Lodge, London (part of a long-term international project)
  • 11 March 2021: talk given at the Ethics and Philosophy in the 21st Century conference, Regent’s University London
  • 12 September 2019: “Corporate responsibility and human rights in China: An investigation of reporting practices” (with Zhiwei Hu) – research paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association, University of Essex
  • 10 September 2019: “Government guidance and corporate disclosures on CSR in China” – paper presented at the Business Ethics and Human Rights research workshop, Regent’s University London
  • 8 April 2019: “An evaluation of the proposed UN Treaty on Business and Human Rights” – talk given at Regent’s University London, as part of a Research Seminar Series 
  • 29 November 2018: “Business and human rights, from theory to practice: Taking a philosophical look at the proposed UN Treaty” – paper presented at the Global Business and Human Rights research workshop at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Geneva, organized by the BHRights Initiative from Copenhagen Business School 
  • 15 September 2018: “What next for Kiobel? Reflections on law and morality in the current framework on business and human rights” – paper presented at the Fourth Annual Conference of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association at the Stern Center, New York University 
  • 29 February 2016: “Values in Theory and Practice” – talk given at the Getting Values Across: Leadership in a Multicultural World seminar at Regent’s University London
  • 1 October 2015: “Who Cares Whose Cars? A Philosophical Analysis of the Business and Human Rights Conundrum” – paper presented at the Research Conference of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) on Philosophical Foundations of Business Ethics, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark 
  • 10 December 2014: “The Hunting Game in Hermeneutics: on Memory and Desire in Interpretation” – paper presented at the 5th OPO Conference of phenomenological societies, On Meaning, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia 
  • 2 October 2010: Chair of the “Regimes of Liability” session at the University of Essex Network meeting “Holding Companies Accountable”, Freie University, Berlin (project funded through a three-year AHRC research grant)
  • 18 September 2009: “Corporate Criminal Liability in Romania” – paper presented at the European Developments in Corporate Criminal Liability conference, University of Essex (project funded by the British Academy) 
  • 30 May 2008: “Life-Long Learning” – paper presented at the annual conference of the European Council for Business Education, Bruges, Belgium 
  • 3 June 2005: “On the Notion of Purpose in our Professional Lives” – paper presented at the Ethics and Integrity of Governance conference, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium

Research Supervision

Dr Pascal has been supervising UG and PG students in Philosophy, Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, Management and Human Rights.

Research Interests and outputs


  • Comparative metaphysics and religion – currently engaged in a long-term international research project, looking at apophaticism in multiple traditions, e.g. the Patristic, the Daoist, the Buddhist, and the Islamic
  • Hermeneutics in theory and practice – published widely on the hermeneutical circle, Heidegger, Wittgenstein, Ioan-Petru Culianu (see list of Publications)
  • Notions of identity: currently writing a monography on exile, in both space and time
  • Ethics in post-authoritarian societies: speaking truth to power – the issue of former informers escaping justice; the ethics of giving

Corporate responsibility:

  • Business ethics, law and society: published widely on the notion of power in state-corporate complicity, social activism, and human rights (see list of Publications)
  • Corporate and white-collar crime – co-edited a book on corporate criminal liability (see list of Publications) 
  • Policy-led research and publications on migrant worker rights, and policy reform in health and safety law (see list of Publications)

Professional Affiliation(s)/Accreditation

  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)
  • Member of the European Business Ethics Network (EBEN)
  • Member of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), UK
  • International Member of the American Philosophical Association (APA), Eastern Division
  • Member of the Global Business and Human Rights Scholars Association
  • Member of the Teaching Business and Human Rights Forum, Columbia University
  • Member of the Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) Society 
  • Leader of a Corporate Responsibility Network: www.corporateresponsibilitynetwork.com

Editorial appointments

  • Since January 2020: Editor for Philosophy of Management, a quarterly journal published by Springer
  • Since 2009: Reviewer for Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society, and Journal of Information, Communication, and Ethics in Society. Emerald  

Teaching & Course Development

Dr Pascal’s main areas of expertise are – Philosophy, Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility. She has been teaching in these areas (at UG and PG level) since 1999. In addition, she has taught Research Methods and Management. She designed and implemented a Research Skills Development Project for international PG students. 

Dr Pascal has significant experience of programme design, validation, monitoring and development. At LEB Education, she led the validation process for a Foundation programme with UW Trinity Saint David, and she designed a British Life & Culture module for the Study Abroad program. At Regent's, she has been managing both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes; was involved in the validation of a BA (Hons) Liberal Studies programme; and led the development team for the design and validation of a BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

External examining

Dr Pascal was an external examiner for Cardiff Metropolitan University’s BA and MBA programs in Greece, Singapore and China (2014 – 2017) and is currently an external examiner for Hult International Business School (since 2017).