Dr Andreas Vassiliou

Assistant Professor

Professional Biography

Andreas is a HCPC, and BPS registered counselling psychologist and an accredited supervisor, a UKCP and UPCA accredited existential psychotherapist and currently a lecturer for the DPsych in Counselling Psychology. His main responsibilities are teaching, supervision and tutoring.

Before joining Regent’s University London, he held various clinical, organisational, research and leadership positions in the NHS, the social care services, the Department for Education, the local government and in the charity sector. He has significant experience in working with children, adolescents and adults in individual and group settings. He was trained and has particular interests in play therapy, psychodrama and psychosocial family interventions in psychosis.

His main teaching interests are existential and phenomenological approaches to CoP and psychotherapy, critical psychopathology, ontological and epistemological foundations of CoP and qualitative research methods, particularly Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Andreas is also involved in independent clinical and research supervision as well as in clinical practice as an existential psychotherapist and counselling psychologist.


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, Regent’s University London, in progress
  • DCPsych Counselling Psychology, Middlesex University, 2016
  • BSc (Hons) Psychology, Kingston University, 2008
  • AdvDip Social Sciences, European University Cyprus, 2006

Relevant Past Employment

  • 2017-Present: Lecturer in Counselling Psychology, Regent’s University London
  • 2016-2017: Vice-chair, Pancyprian Association for Psychotherapists
  • 2014-Present: Counselling Psychologist/Existential Psychotherapist, Private Practice
  • 2012-2017: Counselling Psychologist, Youth Board of Cyprus
  • 2013-2016: Research Assistant, European University Cyprus
  • 2012-2015: Counselling Psychologist, Social Welfare Services
  • 2010-2011: Mental Health Carers Development Officer, SWLSTG Mental Health NHS Trust


  • Vassiliou, A. (2015). Obsessive–compulsive symptomatology, religiosity levels and the Illusion-of-control paradigm in a non-clinical undergraduate sample. Journal of Religion and Health,
    53(4), 1-19.
  • Koliaraki, A., & Vassiliou, A. (2012). Mental health status of university students: A European University Cyprus study [Abstract]. Sixth Annual International Conference on Psychology.

Conference Papers Given

  • Vassiliou, A. (2017). The intersubjective arena of the psychotherapy for psychosis: A phenomenological account of therapists’ experiences. Research paper for the 20thInternational Congress of the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS). Liverpool University, UK, September 2017.  
  • Koliaraki, A., & Vassiliou, A. (2015). Exploring the impact of the socio-economic crisis in Cypriot undergraduate students’ general mental health and coping strategies employed. Research paper for the 15th National Conference of Psychological Research of the Hellenic Psychological Society, May 2015, Nicosia, Cyprus.
  • Koliaraki, A., & Vassiliou, A. (2013). Students' experiences of sexual harassment, coping and their self-esteem: A European University Cyprus study. Research paper for the 14th National Conference of Psychological Research of the Hellenic Psychological Society, May 2013, Alexandroupoli, Greece.
  • Koliaraki, A., & Vassiliou, A. (2012). Mental health status of university students and their non-university attending peers: A European University Cyprus study. Research paper for the Psychology International Conference of Athens’ Institute for Education and Research, May 2012, Athens, Greece

Research Interests

Andreas’ main research interests revolve around phenomenological approaches to severe mental distress, intersubjectivity, critical psychopathology, phenomenology, hermeneutics, embodiment, psychoanalysis and existential analysis.

Professional Affiliation(s)/Accreditation

  • HCPC-Registered Counselling Psychologist
  • BPS-Chartered Psychologist
  • BPS-Registered Supervisor (RAPPS)
  • UKCP-Registered Existential Psychotherapist
  • UPCA-Accredited Psychotherapist
  • Member of the Society for Existential Analysis (SEA)
  • Member of the International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS)