Dr Assia Rolls

Head of Research and Professional Development

Professional Biography

Dr Assia Rolls is an applied linguist with active involvement in language teaching and learning, doctoral supervision in TESOL Education, teacher development, teacher identity and teacher learning, classroom interaction and discourse analysis; adult second language acquisition in a multilingual and multicultural context which led to the award of a readership (2012).

She is a staff developer working with staff across disciplines in Higher Education. My sustained record of effective strategic leadership in academic practice as a key contribution to high quality student learning won me the national award of Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FPHEA, 2014).

Assia is an efficient academic manager with successful experience of managing educational projects and supporting and leading educational change which awarded me the Fellowship of the Staff Educational Development Association (FSEDA, 2013).

She is a committed team worker, who is able to provide academic leadership, enjoys working collaboratively and across discipline in a variety of partnership arrangements.


  • Ph.D. in Adult Second Language Acquisition in the Classroom, University of Lancaster, 1987
  • M.Ed. in TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, University of Columbia, Teachers’ College, New York. 1979
  • Bachelor in Teacher Education (English), University of Algiers,1975

Relevant Past Employment

1992-2020 - Head of Research and Professional Development in the Institute of Language and culture, Head of Learning Teaching and Pedagogic Research in the Faculty of Business and management,, Head of Learning Teaching and Research, Head of Languages at the European Business School London (EBS-L), Subject Leader of French at EBSL, all at Regent’s University London. 

1992 - Part-time Lecturer on a Teacher Training Programme for Modern Foreign Languages. Goldsmith College, University of London. 

1990-1991 - Fractional language lecturer (0.7), University of Westminster.

1980-1990 - Part-time language lecturer, University of Middlesex.



Slimani-Rolls, A. & Kiely, K. (2018). Exploratory Practice for Continuing Professional Development: An Innovative Approach for Language Teachers. London. Palgrave Macmillan. 

Milewski.N., Sirkeci, I., Murat Yüceşahin, M., & A. Rolls. (Eds.). (2016). Family and human capital in Turkish migration.  Transnational Press London. International Independent Academic Publishers.

Book chapters

Slimani-Rolls, A. (Commissioned/Submited). Exploratory Practice in language teaching and learning. In S. Troudi (Ed.).  Critical issues in teaching English and language education: International research perspectives. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 

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Journal Articles

Slimani-Rolls, A., & Banister, C. (2021). Practitioner Research as a Principled Framework for Continuing Professional Development for English Language Teachers. Will appear in 2021 in ELT Research Issue 36. Faversham: IATEFL.

Slimani-Rolls, A. (2019). Exploratory Practice: A way forward to getting the students back in the modern foreign language classroom. ReiDoCrea - Monográfico sobre Perspectivas transnationales en la enseñanza de lenguas, 19-29. University of Granada. ISSN: 2254-5883 

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Professional reviews and newsletters

Slimani-Rolls, A. (2015). Why Exploratory Practice? Engagement is a two-way process. Collaborative report by researchers and teachers. International Association of Teachers of English as Foreign Language (IATEFL) SIG Newsletter. Issue (3), 6-9. 

Allwright, D., Dar, Y., Gieve, S., Hanks, J., Salvi, A.I., & Slimani-Rolls, A. (2013). Exploratory Practice: Using class time to help teachers and learners develop as practitioners of teaching and learning. ELT Research, IATEFL Research SIG Newsletter 28. 

Peer reviewed papers in conference proceedings

Slimani-Rolls, A. (2017). Leadership of Exploratory Practice processes to support professional development. In Proceedings “Knowledge to action. Achieving the promise of equal opportunity”. Annual Meeting of American Educational Research Association (AERA). April 27-May 1. San Antonio, Texas.

Slimani-Rolls, A. (2010). Bringing theory in line with practice in the classroom. In the proceedings of the Canada International Conference on Education (CICE), Toronto, 26-28 April 2010. 

Slimani-Rolls, A. (2005). Teachers’ search for a better understanding of their learning/teaching environment: A case for Exploratory Practice. In Proceedings of 8th CercleS International Conference: University Language Centres: Broadening horizons, expanding networks. 9-11 Sept 2004. Comenius University, Bratislava. CercleS, pp 315-328. 

Working paper series

Chief Editor of the EBS-London Occasional & Working Paper series.

Chief Editor of the Border Crossing Paper Series (2010-2014).

Slimani-Rolls, A. (2005). Towards understanding life in the language classroom. EBS London Occasional & Working Paper Series no.2.

Slimani-Rolls, A. (2004). Learners’ idiosyncratic reactions to task implementation. EBS London Occasional & Working Paper Series no.1.

Slimani, A. (1987). Designing and redesigning a qualitative Study. In A. Littlejohn & M. Melouk (Eds.). Research methods and processes. P53-66. Lancaster Working paper series. 

Reviewer of books and articles for internationally peer reviewed journals

  • Language Teaching
  • Language Teaching Research
  • Applied Linguistics 
  • Systems
  • Journal of English for Academic Purposes
  • Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice 
  • Innovation in Education and Teaching International 
  • *Migration Letters. This is an international journal hosted by the Regent’s Research Centre of Transnational Studies RCTS). 

Conference Papers Given

2021. ‘Sustainability of Exploratory Practice: A case study of former ELT pre-service teachers’.   In World Congress of Association Internationale de Linquistique Appliquée. In ‘The Dynamics of language, communication and culture in a changing world’.  9-14 August 2020 in Groningen, The Netherlands. Postponed to 15 August 2021 due to Corbid-19.

 2019. The personal, social and professional gains from inclusive practitioner research. In Blowing away the dust. Illuminating the value of practitioner research in Applied Linguistics. BAAL/Cambridge University Press Workshop. Coach House, School of Education. University of Leeds. 8-9 April.

 2018. Empowering teachers' and learners' collaboration. In Annual Conference Teachers Research! Moving from teacher research to supporting learner research. Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul. Turkey. 7-8 June.

2018. Integrating research creatively into pedagogy. In Annual Conference New trends in foreign language teaching. University of Granada. Spain. 17-18 May.

2018. Why did they manage to maintain their research efforts?” In Regent’s University Learning and Teaching Conference. London, UK. 3 May. 

2018.  Slimani-Rolls, A., C. Banister, A. Costantino, J. Houghton, E. Lecumberri, & Rawson, M. Exploratory Practice and its contribution to in-service teacher development for modern language teachers. In ‘Language Acts and Worldmaking. King’s College’. University of London. 10 January.

2017. ‘Co-constructing the curriculum: a collaborative approach to Language teacher development. In Creative Approaches in Arabic Language Teaching and Learning: Issues and Future Directions”. Westminster University and Sharek Centre. 24-25 November. 

2017. ‘Teachers as Learners in their Quest for Integrating Research into Pedagogy’. In the 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistics. Innovation and Epistemological Challenges in International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) UFRJ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 23-28 July

2017. ‘Teachers as Learners in their Quest for Integrating Research into Pedagogy’. In the 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistics. Innovation and Epistemological Challenges in International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA) UFRJ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 23-28 July

2017. Do teachers attempt to develop a better understanding of their practice? In the Future of English Language Teaching. Regent’s University London and Trinity College London. 17 June.

2017.  Chair of the Symposium “Leadership of EP processes for Continuing professional Development’.  With Dr Judith Hanks and Bee Bond from the University of Leeds and Anna Costantino from the University of Greenwich. British Educational Research Association Annual Conference:  Knowledge to Action - Achieving the Promise of Equal Educational Opportunity. San Antonio, Texas. April 27-May 1.

2017. ‘Exploratory Practice: Collaborative work among teachers and teacher educators’. In the Language Teacher Education for a World on the Move: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Student Populations. 10th International Conference on Language Teacher Education. UCLA Covel Commons. USA. 2- 4 February.

2017. ‘Innovative approaches and epistemological challenges to teacher development’. In SHIFT Annual Conference of Learning, Teaching & Assessment. University of Greenwich. 6 January. 

2016. Chair of the symposium: ‘Practice as Support for Teacher Development’ with A. Costantino (Greenwich University), J. Hanks & B. Bond (University of Leeds). 15 Sept. Annual conference of the British Educational Research Association (BERA), 13-15 September, University of Leeds.
*    This symposium was selected by the BERA organising committee to represent them at the American Educational Research Association Conference (AERA 2017) as the ‘best of recent British educational research and/or scholarship’. (See above 2017).
2016. Mapping the Landscape: Practitioner Research in the UK. Presenting in a symposium with a group of staff from HEIs reporting on practitioner research in the UK. 13 Sept. This project is led by Dr Sue Brindley (Cambridge University) and D’Reen Struthers (UCL). Annual conference of the British Educational Research Association (BERA), 13-15 September, University of Leeds.

2016. Teachers’ and learners’ collaborative research work for a better quality of classroom life. In Frameworks for Collaboration and Multilingualism. Languages in Higher Education.  Annual Conference. University of Warwick. 6-7 July

2016 [cancelled as it clashed with the doctoral supervision training workshop 5-7 July at Northampton University]

2016. Invited Speaker. Pratique Exploratoire sous forme de Développement Professionnel Continu in French as a shared Language. Le Français Partagé. Annual Conference of the Association of French Language Studies. A two hour workshop with RILC participants : Anna Costantino, Chris Banister & Michelle Rawson. Queen’s University Belfast, 20-22 June 

2016. Accessibility of professional development by language practitioners. In Shaping a Multilingual Society. Annual Conference of the Association of University Language Centres.  School of Modern Languages. University of Cardiff, 07-08 January. With colleagues from the Institute of Languages and Culture: Chris Banister, Anna Costantino, Marianna Goral, John Houghton.

2015. Enabling teachers and learners of French to understand better their classroom life. In La linguistique du Français vernaculaire: analyses synchroniques, perspectives diachroniques et applications didactiques. Association of French Language Studies (AFLS), Caen, France. 17-19 June. 

2015. Plenary speaker. Slimani-Rolls, A. (2015). “Research AS in Continuous Professional Development”. Paper presented at Why Exploratory Practice? What next?  Centre for Language Education Research (CLER), School of Education, University of Leeds. 6 May.

2015. Plenary speaker. Why should teachers be involved in researching their classroom life? 2nd International ELT Conference. British Council, University of Oran, Algeria. 1-2 May. 

2015. Goral. M., & Slimani-Rolls, A. Why do students’ presentations and discussion board work so well? In 2nd International conference The Magic of Innovation: New Trends in Language Research and Teaching Foreign Languages. The English Language Department of the School of International Relations of the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations (MGIMO University). Moscow, 24-25 April. 

2015. Initiating Teacher Research in Language Teaching. Teacher Research Special Interest Group (SIG).  Poster presentation. 49th Annual International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Manchester Central, 10 April. 

2013. Reflections on English language teaching in the Secondary and Tertiary School System in Algeria”. ‘3rd Celebration of Knowledge. In the presence of the Algerian Ambassador in London and the Algerian Secretary of State’. Algerian Embassy, Riding House Street, London. 17 April 2013.

2013. Inclusivity, Collegiality and Teachers’ Systematic Investigation into their Work.  In Higher Education- Higher Level Learning? 23-25 January. Tallinn, Estonia,

2012. Plenary speaker. Using the principles of Exploratory Practice as a theoretical framework for a PgCert LTHE with a focus on teaching international students. Conference paper presented at the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language/ Special Interest Group. Leicester University. 7 July. 

2012. Understanding classroom practice through investigation of classroom interaction.  In Across the Globe Higher Education Learning and Teaching. International Consortium for Educational Development Conference (ICED) - Bangkok, Thailand 23-25 July.

2011.   Understanding as a prerequisite to intelligent decision-making. Contribution to a workshop in the 16th AILA World Congress. Harmony in Diversity: language, culture and society. Beijing Foreign Studies University. China. Aug 23-28.

2011.   Why don’t the students engage with the classroom discourse? Contribution to a symposium with Ines K. Miller (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) & Judith Hanks (University of Leeds). 16th AILA World Congress. Harmony in Diversity: language, culture and society. Beijing Foreign Studies University. China. Aug 23-28.

2011. Collaborative practitioner research as a form of mutual development’.   In Expanding Our Horizons. 7th International Conference on language Teacher Education. University of Minnesota. Radisson University Hotel. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 19-21 May.

2010. Taking action to understand. In Research in Action, Research for Action. 3rd International Conference on Teaching English as a Foreign Language., Universidad Nova De Lisboa, Portugal. 26-27 November.

2010. Developing a better understanding of classroom practices through elucidation of teaching puzzles. In Shaping up the Future. HEA Annual Conference.  Havilland Campus. University of Hertfordshire. 22-23 June.

2010. Bringing theory in line with practice in the classroom. The Canada International Conference on Education (CICE), 25-28 May. Toronto, Canada.

2007. Plenary speaker. Sustainability of Research in the Classroom. International Conference on English Language Education: Understanding the Language Classroom and New Directions for Language Teaching Research. Oxford University, St Catherine College and Kobe Institute. Japan. 15-17 March.

2005. The relevance of learner characteristics and social context in meaning negotiation. 15th European Second Language Association Conference (EUROSLA). Zagreb University. Dubrovnik 14-17 September.

2004. Teacher Development of a Culture of Enquiry in a Languages Department. In Broadening Horizons, Expanding Networks. 8th CercleS International Conference: University Language Centres: Comenius University.  Bratislava.  9-11 Sept.

2004. Learner Perception and Learner Idiosyncrasy in Task-Based Research. Center for Research on Language and Education (CREOLE). Bristol University, 10 Nov.

2003. Impact of Language and Culture on International Business. In ‘‘Developing a London HE provider for Language skills & Employment. London School of Economics. 24th June.

2002. Business in its Linguistic and Cultural Environment.  In Setting the Agenda: Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in Higher Education.  Manchester Conference Centre. 4-6 June.

2002. Insight into meaning negotiation. British Association of Applied linguistics, (BAAL) at Cardiff University. 12-14 Sept.

2002. EBS case study on teacher development. Le Français d’hier, d’aujourd’hui et de demain. In Annual colloquium of the Association for French Language Studies (AFLS). St Andrews. Aug 30-1Sept. 

2001. La négociation de la communication est-elle indispensable à l’acquisition de la langue étrangère? In L’année Européenne des langues: la situation du français en Europe.  (AFLS). Univeristé Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium 31 Aug-2 Sept.

2000. Does the quantitative use of restructuring moves explain second language acquisition in the classroom? Classroom Language Learning Group. Lancaster University. 27 April.

2000. Types de tâche et analyse d’impact qualitatif sur la négociation” In “Le français- perspectives à l’aube du 21ième siècle. Annual conference of the Association of French Language Studies (AFLS).  Laval University, Quebec. 24-27 Aug.

1998. Model for material development for teachers and material designers. Annual conference of the Association for French Language Studies, (AFLS). East Anglia University, 4-6 Sept.

1993. Understanding classroom discourse through the use of innovative research techniques. Institute of Education, London University, February.

1992. Problems in data analysis and interpretation in classroom-centred research. In the Lancaster Research Symposium. Lancaster University, March 30-April 1.

1992.  Investigation of classroom interaction and learning outcomes. Goldsmith's College, London University, March 6.

1991. En Train de Parler: Language aptitude testing. In the Annual Conference of the Greek Applied Linguistics Association. Thessaloniki, Greece, Dec 19-21.

1989. Mixed ability level groups in language learning. In l’Enseignement didactique des langues étrangères. Algiers University.

1988. What do learners get out of our classrooms? In the Annual Conference of the British Association of Applied Linguistics (BAAL). Exeter University.

1987. Learning opportunities and learning outcomes. In Linguistic Circle. Lancaster University.

1986. Status of observational data”. Presented at the colloquium on research methods and processes in Applied Linguistics. Lancaster University.

1985. What do learners learn from grammar lessons? International conference   organised by the British Council on the teaching of communicative grammar. Lancaster University.

Research interests

  • Adult second language acquisition in a multilingual context
  • Language teaching and learning
  • Teacher development
  • Teacher identity
  • Teacher learning
  • Practitioner research
  • Classroom interaction
  • Classroom discourse analysis

Research Supervision

Doctoral Supervision in Language Education at Regent’s University London

  1. Evaluation of Secondary School Textbooks from the Perspective of Teachers and Students. Started Oct 2017
  2. Leading from the middle: Investigating the roles of EFL academic middle leaders in three Algerian universities. Started Oct 2017

Co-Doctoral Supervision at University of Southampton 

  • Intercultural communication as perceived and represented in ELT Contexts. An ethnographic multiple case study approach exploring Interculturalism in English textbooks and classroom interaction in two secondary schools in Algeria and Spain. Thesis submitted

Supervision of Undergraduate and Postgraduate theses for the following programmes at Regent’s

  • BA in International Business 
  • BA in Global Management
  • MA in Management
  • MSc in Digital Marketing and Analytics

Grants Awarded

2018-2019 Successful bid for funding ‘Sustainability of Exploratory Practice (EP) in Rio de Janeiro: a case study of former ELT pre-service teachers in Rio de Janeiro. Funding by the British Council 
A collaborative project with main lead researchers at  

  1. Regent’s University London (Dr Assia Rolls)
  2. Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio, Brazil) (Dr Ines de Kayon Miller)
  3. Teacher Education College/State University of Rio de Janeiro/ (Faculdade de Formação de Professores/UERJ) (Dr Isabel Moraes Bezerra)

The dissemination of the project outcomes took place as follows:

  • 21 October 2019 at Regent’s University London
  • 22 October 2019 in CREL - Centre for Research & Enterprise in Language at the University of Greenwich 
  • 24 October 2019 at University of Southampton
  • 27-28 January 2020 at the British Council, London. 
  • 9-14 August.  AILA 2021 (postponed from 2020 due to Covid-19), Groningen. The Netherland.

2017- A. Slimani-Rolls’ collaborative development of an international Research Network (ReN) ‘Fully Inclusive Practitioner Research Network’ which sits in the prestigious World Congress of the Association Internationale de Linguitique Appliquée (AILA 2020) with Dr I.K. Miller (Pontificia Universidade Catholica, Rio de Janeiro), Dr J. Hanks (University of Leeds) Dr Corine Crane (University of Austin. USA). 
The scope of the proposed Research Network is to bring together researchers, practitioner researchers, and scholars involved in Inclusive Practitioner Research in Language Education with participants across the world. 

2016- 2017. ‘Mapping the Landscape- Practitioner Research in the UK’. 
National project involving many British HE institutions investigating the state of the art of practitioner research in the UK led by Dr Sue Brindley (Cambridge University) and Dr D’Reen Struthers (UCL University). 

Sept 2014-July 2016. Critical examination of Exploratory Practice as used in the classroom by six language practitioners from Regent’s University with the collaboration of Prof. Richard Kiely from Southampton University.
This project led to a BERA awards and a book publication Exploratory Practice: An Innovative Form of Continuing Professional Development published by Palgrave Macmillan 

2012-2013. Exploratory Practice (EP) Contribution to Teacher Education. 
Collaborative project examining the role of EP, a special form of practitioner research, in developing collegiality and mutual understanding between all those involved in the learning teaching enterprise: teachers, learners and researchers. With Dr Judith Hanks (Leeds University) and Associate Professor Ines Miller (Pontificia Universidade Catholica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). See under conference paper delivered in AILA Beijing. 

2009-2011. The Role of CPD in Teacher Effectiveness – Systematic Investigation into Teachers’ Work.  In collaboration with Prof Richard Kiely (Bristol University) and staff from languages, Law and Business Management. 
2001. Development of a contract with the French Chamber of Commerce enabling students to get a certificate in French for Business. This was an important contract which generated funding from the students who enrolled on the course that I developed with my colleague Michelle Rawson. I was awarded a salary increase following this agreement between European Business School London and The French Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain. 

Funding to an amount of £70k by Regent’s University, the British Educational Research Association, the Association of French Language Studies, the British Council.

Professional Affiliations

2020, Member of the National Conference of University Professors
2014, Member of the British Educational Research Association (BERA)        
2014, Member of BERA SIG Practitioner Research                        
2014, Principle Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA)         
2013, Fellow of the Staff Educational Development Association (FSEDA)    
2004, Member of the International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication (IALIC)
2001, Member of the University Council of Modern Languages (UCML)     
2000, Member of the International Association of Teacher of English Language and its SIG Teacher Research (IATEFL)    
1998, Member of the Association of French Language Studies (AFLS)            
2001-2004, Member of AFLS Executive Committee responsible for developing Research Inventory                                         2014, *Language Practitioner advocate for the AFLS


Recent Course Development

  • 2017. Ph.D. programme Development in TESOL Education 
  • 2016. Development of two core modules ‘Research Based Professional Development’ and ‘Teaching Methodologies’ for the Online blended learning MA in Learning and Teaching for Regent’s University Partners Abroad.

Teaching and Supervision

  • Supervising at doctoral level, M. Level in Business and Management and at Undergraduate level on the BA in International Business.
  • Teaching cross cultural business communication at M. level and languages for business purposes at undergraduate level (French and Arab). 


Doctoral Thesis Examination

2021. Forthcoming. Doha Abulasaud. An exploratory study into the daily lived experiences and emotional responses of EFL teachers in secondary public schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Doctor of Philosophy in Education. University of Exeter.

2021. Forthcoming. Ikram Derrahi. Algerian teachers' and students' views about their teaching and learning experiences within the Competency-Based Approach (CBA) reform. Doctor of Philosophy in Education. School of Education. Canterbury Christ Church University.

2020. Jamal Din Alsaid.  Understanding Teacher Stress:  A Narrative study of London Secondary School Teachers’ stressors and their coping strategies. Doctor of Philosophy in Education. University of Exeter. 22 September.

2020. Messaouda Annab. A Sociolinguistic study of lexical borrowing among Algerian students. PhD Thesis. University of Northampton 3 March.

2020. Christine Pleines.  ‘Learning through vicarious participation in online language tutorials’. Ed.D thesis. Professional Research Degrees Centre. The Open University. 26 Feb.

2020. El Hadj Moussa Benmoussa. Teaching literature using the critical thinking and the communicative teaching language approaches.  PhD Thesis. University of Northampton. 30 Jan.

2019. Sana Alzahrani. Self-directed professional development: Possibilities and restrictions for teachers of English in Saudi tertiary institution degrees. Doctor of Philosophy in Education. University of Exeter. 14 Nov.

2019. Nada Rashed S. Aldhafiri. Evaluation of in-service female EFL teacher professional development (TDP) in Saudi Arabia. Doctor of Philosophy in Education. Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. May 3. 

2018. Funny Amalia Sari. An exploration of Indonesian EFL trainee teachers’ beliefs and their teaching practice about facilitating learners’ willingness to communicate (WTC). Doctorate of Philosophy in Education in TESOL. Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. Dec 2018.

2018. Nadiya Sulaiman Ali Al Issaei: Investigating the perceptions of EAP teachers about curriculum challenges in colleges of applied sciences in Oman.  Doctorate of Philosophy in Education in TESOL. Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. February 2018.

2017. Noof Saleh Malharbi: The academic writing difficulties of Saudi postgraduate students. Doctor of Philosophy in Education.  Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. January 2017.

2017. Abdullah Alshahrani: Exploring EFL teachers’ views regarding their CPD activities and challenges at one of the Saudi Arabian institutions. Doctor of Education in TESOL (Dubai). Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. 6 November.

2017. Sawsan Al-Bakri: Effects of English medium instruction on students’ learning experiences and quality of education in content courses in a public college in Oman. Doctorate of Philosophy in Education in TESOL. Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. 22 May.

2017. Adil Abdul Rehman: ‘The Teachers’ perspectives: What they want and get from supervisory practices. Doctorate of Philosophy in Education in TESOL. Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. 23 January.

2017. Israa Mawed: ‘EFL teachers’ perception of curriculum development in Syria’.  Doctorate of Philosophy in Education in TESOL. Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. 17 January. 

2016. Rima Albarrani Eshkal: The role of teacher talk in creating learning opportunities in the EFL classroom. A viva for a PhD transfer (118 pages). The Graduate School of Education. University of Southampton. 2 December. 

2016. Sayyed Rashid Ali Shah: Understanding teacher leadership and professional development of EFL teacher leaders. A case study of a language institute in Saudi Arabia.  Doctorate of Philosophy in Education in TESOL. Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. 7 October. 

2016. Hussain Mohammedadam Al Houssawi:  Investigating EFL teachers' perceptions about the Foundation Year Programme curriculum in Saudi Arabia. Doctorate of Education in TESOL. Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. 26 May. 

2015. Farida Abedeen: Exploration of ESP teachers’ knowledge and practices at the tertiary and applied colleges in Kuwait: Implications for pre- and in-service ESP teacher training. Doctorate of Education in TESOL. Faculty of Graduate Research. University of Exeter. 27 February. 

2013. Evinc Dogan: ‘Analysing the impact of a mega-event on city image by visual methodologies: discourse analysis and semiotics: Branding Istanbul during the European Capital of Culture 2010. Doctorate of Philosophy. IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy. 16 December.

2012. Po-Ying Chu: ‘How students seek for realisation through Exploratory Practice: a journey of teaching, learning and growing together in Taiwan’. Doctorate of Philosophy.  Department of Education. University of Leicester. 7 July. 

2011. Ramirez-Balderas Irais: “Teachers’ and learners’ beliefs in relation to error and corrective feedback in the context of higher education in Mexico”. Doctorate of philosophy. Graduate School of Education.  Macquarie University. Sydney.  Australia.

2008. Beibei Zhao: “Corrective Feedback and Learner Uptake: Focus-Form Instruction in Primary School EFL Classrooms in China”. Doctorate of Philosophy. Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol. 4 July. 

External Examinership at M. Level

2016-2019. External Examiner- Graduate Diploma and Master’s in Teaching, Learning and Scholarship. Graduate School. University of Limerick. Ireland.  

External Examinership at Undergraduate level

2018- 2021. Chief External Examiner for all Languages - Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish.  Westminster University. 

2016-2021. External Examiner for French-- an Institution Wide Language Provision Programme at Westminster University. 

2002-2006. External Examiner- B.A in European Business Studies and French/German/Hispanic Studies. Liverpool University.

2000-2006. External Examiner of two courses in French for Business and French for 
                              General Purposes (LXR122, LXR 1233). Open University.