Dr Dragan Pavlovic


Professional Biography

Dragan is a prizewinning architectural designer, consultant and an academic. He holds a PhD from the Bartlett School of Architecture, an MA from ETSA Barcelona, and the first degree in architecture from University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

The focus of Dragan’s academic research is the examination of the social construction of time and space, as manifested through practices in creative industries and the built environment. His recent research project explored the role of architecture and culture of London Fashion Week in the production of London as a global city.

Dragan has taught seminars and Master classes at Oxford University, University College London, Central Saint Martins (UAL) and Grenoble University. A guest speaker at design conferences and open panel discussions, he has exhibited prize-winning design projects at the German Consulate General at United Nations New York, and the University of Bremen.

His latest projects include architecture and interior design in the fields of cultural, leisure and residential programmes.

In addition to his practice and teaching activities, Dragan is also active in the Bartlett Future Cities Doctoral Network at the University College London (UCL), with the perspective of contributing thinking of the future of cities and architecture and developing collaboration between academia and industry.


  • Ph.D. in Architectural History and Theory, The Bartlett, University College London (UCL) 2017 
  • MA in Visual Communication in Architecture and Design, ETSaB, Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), 2008  
  • Dipl. Eng. Arch. Department of Architecture, Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, 2005 


Pavlovic D. (in progress) The role of Interior design in representation of global cities: The architectural history of London fashion show spaces: 1989-1997. Regent’s University Research Grant 

Pavlovic D.; Zhang, Y.; Xu, L.; Wu, Y.; Xu, X. (2019) Art versus Commerce: Cultural and Creative Industries. Case Study – The Palace Museum Beijing. Beijing, Tsinghua University.

Pavlovic D. (ed.) (2019). Ephemeralization: In between Intentions and Limits. London, Regent’s University.

Pavlovic D. (2018) ‘The Metaphor of Bridge: Ivo Andric and The Bridge over the Drina’, In  
Lobby Magazine Vol 4, 1969, London, University College London.

Pavlovic D. (2017) Architectural History of London Fashion Week and its Role in the Production of London as a Global City. PhD Dissertation, University College London.

Pavlovic D.; Ayuso A. (2012) ‘Imagining Bodies: University of Bremen Academic Interchange’, Spatial Cognition Conference. New York, German Consulate General to United Nations.

Research Supervision

  • MA Dissertation: Gender and Interior Design: Have Women Made a Standpoint for Themselves in Britain?, Clarissa Furstenberg. 
  • MA Dissertation: The creation of a sense of place through interior design in luxury retail branding. Case Study: Cartier and Van Cleef & Arples in London and Paris, Franziska Heck. 
  • MA Dissertation: The Interactive retail and the omni-channel engagement, Tony Yang.