Youth Model UN
30 June & 1 July 2018

Advancing our Common Future

This year's conference addressed some of the most pressing and rising concerns on the Agenda of the United Nations. The world has experienced numerous complex events and crises in the past year, and especially rising insecurity and uncertainty in the international system through the emergence of less collaborative approaches to international issues. Climate agreements are under threat, natural disasters are striking with regular devastation, civil wars and complex emergencies rage across the world, societies are in limbo and a number of humanitarian crises persist. The world is visibly changing and students were asked to explore innovative solutions to pursue international peace and security through the Model United Nations.  

Committees and Topics:

General Assembly 3rd Committee (GA3) Debriefing

1. Empowering Young People in Political Participation
2. Protection of Cultural Heritage

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Debriefing

1. Natural Disaster Preparedness in Developing Countries
2. Climate Change and Social Development

Security Council (SC) Debriefing

1. Peace and Security in Africa
2. Crisis