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Strategic Projects

As part of our Strategic Plan 2021-2025, we’re investing in a set of priority projects. They’re designed to deliver the step-change required for us to deliver long-term commercial and reputational growth, driven by rising enrolments and great graduate outcomes. We will deliver across three corresponding strands of activity: Student Experience, New Ways of Working and Product Portfolio. 

Student Experience 

As part of our Student Experience strand, we'll build a distinctive curriculum model that embodies a future-facing, entrepreneurial, cosmopolitan and personalised learning experience, and that delivers our Graduate Attributes. It will embed real-world challenges and live industry briefs as well as a curated selection of specialist electives to develop global leaders.  

We'll also connect more of our students with individuals and organisations that are changing the conversation in their respective fields, and grow our associated internship and placement programmes, live projects, enterprise support, behind-the-scenes access, and career advice.  

New Ways of Working 

In 2020 we began the journey towards becoming a much more data-led, agile culture of continuous improvement by rethinking our organisational structure and adopting new ways of working. We will continue to build our organisational health and embed the new structure, ways of working, and operating model.  

We’re launching our Alliance methodology - a key component of our new ‘operating system’ - and building a culture of continuous improvement and agility at Regent’s we will be training and up-skilling staff in ‘Agile’ and ‘Lean in Higher Education’ practices and tools. In time, we'll become a data-led organisation in everything we do. 

Product Portfolio 

To improve the market-alignment and appeal of our portfolio, as well as the speed and effectiveness of our product development process, we will develop a data-led Portfolio Strategy. This will guide the development of a course portfolio that is inspired by market needs, delivers growth and that amplifies Regent’s brand and value proposition for future students. This will include a high-quality and high-value Collaborative Provision as well as a business model for an online, flexible portfolio offering aligned to Regent’s brand. 

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Regent's Strategic Projects