Dr Bola

Board Member

Dr Bola Olabisi FRSA wears a number of hats. She is a Social Entrepreneur, Author, Innovator, Personal and Community Development Consultant, well sought after International Speaker, Founder of a successful global network and a Champion for an inclusive society that allows for gender equality, diversity, equal opportunities, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Bola has a vast amount of experience in developing and implementing evidence-based strategies for innovation with specialism on the impact of gender issues. She is a leading consultant in community development, partnership building and the design of gender equality in innovation and knowledge transfer.

Bola is the Founder & CEO of the UK based Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN) covering various regions in Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Bola set up GWIIN in 1998 in recognition of the challenges that women face in bringing commercially viable products and breakthrough developments to market and has developed it into a key vehicle for assisting the examination, exploitation and sustainability of ingenious concepts and ideas while showcasing the originality, intellectual property, product development, technology, investment opportunities, business acumen and route to market.

Bola has over the years worked in partnership with government departments, leading industry experts, voluntary organisations, educational establishments and the private sectors. Between, 2006 - 2011, she pioneered a GWIIN partnership between London Metropolitan University which led to the launch of the GWIIN European branch at the European Parliament, Brussels under the patronage of nine MEP’s.

Bola also entered into partnership with STIK of Sweden and KVENN of Iceland for the INNOV2GROW interactive masterclasses which primarily focuses on the unspoken code of conduct culture that help boost success opportunities.

Bola is the co-author of the novel, ‘Colourful Journeys in Women’s Shoes’ – A biographical collection of the personal stories of ten innovative/inventive women, who bravely took their ideas to market against all odds.

She is a Judge on The Royal Academy of Engineering ‘Africa Prize’ panel which encourages ambitious and talented sub-Saharan African engineers to apply their skills to develop scalable solutions to local challenges, highlighting the importance of engineering as an enabler of improved quality of life.