Student feedback

Our English language students give us excellent feedback!

In the student survey that was conducted in 2015, 

100% of our students agreed with the statement “Overall I am satisfied with the quality of the course.”

96% agreed that “Teachers understand and respond to my needs.”

91% of students agree with the statement that “Teachers motivate and encourage me in the classroom” (68% say ‘definitely agree’!)

95% agree with “I have been able to contact staff when I needed to.”

95% agree with “I have received sufficient advice for my studies.”

95% of students say “The course is well organised and runs smoothly.”

88.9% feel that they “have made progress with their grammar skills”

77.8% say: “As a result of my course, I believe I have improved my career prospects.”

Asked why they would recommend the university, the strongest reasons given were:

1. The excellent location of the campus
2. The good reputation of the university

Last updated: 17 January 2017

Student spotlight



Having looked at loads of English courses in London, I found Regent's the best option for my studies, not only because of the magnificence of its campus but also because of the quality of the programme. I was interested in learning and practising the language in different topics, such as marketing, communications, technology and business.

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