Internexus at Regent's Campus

English Language courses on campus were previously offered by Internexus and these origins are to be found in the USA and linked with one of the Regent's University London partners, Rockford College.

USA - 1981, Excellence In Education with its English Language Study Centres was founded. In January 1982 the first study centre was set up at a private not-for-profit College in the state of Utah. In May 1987, the group was asked by the president of Rockford College in Rockford, Illinois to set up an English Language Centre on his campus.  The president of Rockford had visited one of the study centres in Maryland and was impressed with the operations of the centre there; East coast branch then moved to Illinois.
Another significant date in the group’s history is August 1994 when Excellence In Education, Inc. and Yazigi International (chain of language schools) of Brazil formed a joint company named Internexus.  The goal of the joint venture was to establish a global network of centres of international education in order to provide opportunities for language and multicultural training throughout the world.  

The history now turns to London as in January 1995, Jim Gunn (a faculty member of Rockford College and the Dean at Regent's) asked Internexus to set up one of its schools in London, on the Regent’s College Campus.  Internexus were very excited about this opportunity and the same year Internexus London was then born on the campus of Regent’s College in London, England.

Internexus English Language School started at Regent’s with 2 classrooms and less than 30 students, almost 20 years later, and after 4 successful British Council inspections, a management Buy-Out, and the takeover in 2008 by Regent’s College, the school now teaches in excess of 600 students annually many of whom progress onto the degree programmes at Regent’s University London.

The School’s management works very closely with English UK which is the world’s leading language teaching association with more than 450 members. It uses this relationship to establish connections with state governments worldwide and indeed has welcomed many students from these governments in recent years.

2013 marks another year of progress for the school as it merges with the Languages and Cross Cultural Department from the Business and Management Faculty, this will form the new Institute of languages and Culture. Going forward the Institute will continue to offer language provision to Regent’s students whilst researching new areas of degree specialisms in the language and culture disciplines. These degrees will then be taught by the Institute as Regent’s University Degrees

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Last updated: 17 January 2017