An Infinitely Beautiful Mind

Exhibition: 03 October - 16 October 2016

In conjunction with Frieze Art Fair, leading autism research charity Autistica presents the pioneering exhibition, An Infinitely Beautiful Mind. Curators Mehta Bell Projects draw on a powerful selection of artworks celebrating the creativity, eccentricities and idiosyncrasies of a collection of engaging artists which explore an alternative way of seeing and experiencing the world. 

These artists share a collective desire to represent human experience through detailed and highly laborious artistic techniques. Fusing artworks from a diverse selection of artists ranging from modern masters, contemporary and emerging talents right through to Outsider artists, this exhibition transcends conventions, demonstrating that autistic artists sit comfortably alongside the established mainstream. 

These talented creatives see the world through a different lens, and present an insightfully individual and unique perspective. It is often said that people with autism are wired differently, and the images they create appear to be filtered through an alternative channel, almost presenting a parallel world. 

It is precisely this idea of individuals perceiving things in a different way that connects all the artists in the exhibition, whether they are autistic or not.  This selection of disparate artists highlights a mutual energy and commitment to creating striking works of art that are complex, intricate and breathtakingly executed.


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Last updated: 08 March 2017

Exhibiting artists

Caroline Jane Harris

Gemma Nelson

George Widener

George Widener

Jask Haslam

Joel Lorand

Jon Adams

Mat Chivers

Mehrdad Rashidi

Pablo Picasso

Sarah Medway

Stuart Semple