Future Design Leadership Concepts

Exhibition: 06 May - 09 May 2014

This exhibition showcases the talents of Design Leaders in Business graduates through printed and digital imagery from their personal e-portfolios.

The current 2014 cohort of Regent's business students have a diversity of skills and thriving businesses that include a high-end jewelry designer whose work has been featured on the front cover of Vogue, event managers who arrange high profile parties and sell branded merchandise, and theatre assistants designing and creating sets for stage productions. Prints include examples of these plus an original concept website graphic diagnostic tool depicting men and women’s personality.

Simon Olsen

From Copenhagen, Denmark, Simon is an autodidact project manager and poster maker. At 25 years of age he has had much professional experience, from swimming instructor and substitute teacher to bar manager and project manager in Copenhagen's largest theaters. He has studied Media production and management at the renowned Danish School of Media & Journalism and is currently at Regent's University London studying Design Leadership and Branding. His three prints show his own wild life photography and photoshop/illustrator skills and creative talent.

Jose Folache

Jose started his university career in Spain before coming to Regent's University London in 2012 to pursue a business studies degree. He comes from a multicultural background and speaks four languages. He has an entrepreneurial vision, which recently led to starting an events business with friends. His experience includes projects for the nutritional supplements market and assisting in the creation of an original concept diagnostic tool website entitled colorofemotions.com, which will be displayed in the exhibition.

Tara Lazarevic

Is originally from Belgrade, Serbia, but moved to London three years ago to study on the Global Business and Design Management pathway course at Regent's University London. Apart from studying, Tara has also worked as an assistant director in a theatre in Serbia, Montenegro, and Croatia.
This poster is inspired by the play “Learned Ladies” by Moliere in Split, Croatia. The poster represents images from the play focusing on the scene design and effects used, as well as the costume design of the actors. The poster image design is by Tara Lazarevic with original images by the photographer Matko Biljak.

Nadja Emile Johansen

Studied at the Danish Academy of Design & Business PR and Brand development before enrolling at Regent's University London on the Global Business and Design Management BA course. This has enriched her career pathway in Fashion PR and Communications to apply strategy and creative communication processes. The images shown are as a consultant working for one of the largest European Fashion PR Agencies on blue chip fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Marimekko and Hermes. They illustrate how brands are promoted in relevant fashion communication media.

Josephine Havmoller

Josephine taught herself to do jewelry and fashion design at a young age, and launched her first company at the age of 19. Today her jewelry collections sell in 7 countries through a network of exclusive agents. As a young entrepreneur she spent amble time traveling in India, learning to procure supplies and negotiate with manufacturers of parts and pieces she uses in her unique jewelry collections. Josephine graduated from the Danish Academy of Design & Business before she decided to move to London to further her understanding of design and business. Her images show her at work in New Delhi as well as some of the finished product.

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Exhibiting artists

  • Simon Olsen
  • Jose Folache
  • Tara Lazarevic
  • Nadja Emile Johansen
  • Josephine Havmoller