Regent’s Open 2015

Exhibition: 17 June - 31 July 2015

This exhibition demonstrates the wealth of artistic talent across the University and reveals the extraordinary breadth of work being produced by staff, students and alumni.

For the inaugural showcase, over 40 artists applied, encompassing work from students, tutors, alumni and administrative staff. More than 100 pieces, including paintings, photographs, sculptures, books and video were submitted. The Knapp Committee selected the work on display.

This is the first of what we hope will become an annual fixture on the Regent’s cultural calendar and those pieces of work with the contact details of the exhibitor displayed on the label are available for purchase.

For any queries, please contact:

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Last updated: 08 March 2017

Exhibiting artists

Nicole Loe - Student
David Lion - Student
N. Corren Conway - Alumna
Martin Donovan - Staff
Rosemary De Vos - Academic
John Houghton - Academic
Jacques Cader - Staff
Natalia Mizejewska - Alumna
Moyosola Akande - Student
Dr. K. Oughton - Academic
Philip Harvey - Staff
Matt Martys - Staff
Simon O’Leary - Academic
Marc Villard - Student
Peter Sharp - Academic
Ethel-Ruth Tawe - Student
Charlotte Ord - Student
Clare Hannaford - Staff
Paulo Mendes - Staff
James Gosling - Academic
Brian Kriefman - Academic
Paul Corrall - Staff
Jon Gray - Academic
Charles Chown - Staff
Gail Simpson - Staff
Derek Attenburrow - Academic
Tara Atkins - Alumna
Miloni Sanghvi - Student
Benjamin Wolf - Academic
Valerie Kaneko-Lucas - Academic
Georg Meyer-Wiel - Academic
Christopher Pickford - Academic
Caroline Waterfall - Staff
Dr. A. Wylde - Academic
Paul McCubbin - Staff
Anette Lundebye - Staff
Michael Peel -Staff/Academic
Philip Grey - Academic
Marc Vallée - Academic
Tracey O’Dea - Academic
Verdi Yahooda - Academic