Dr Caroline Varin
Lecturer in Security & International Organisations

Email: varinc@regents.ac.uk
Subject(s): Liberal Arts & Humanities

Professional Biography

Dr Caroline Varin is a Lecturer in International Relations at Regent's University London.

Previously, she taught at Richmond University and at the London School of Economics. In addition to teaching, Caroline is Associate Fellow at the LSE Global South Unit and edits the Policy Papers Series.

She is currently conducting research on violent non-state actors, primarily in Africa with her next book coming out in 2016 on Boko Haram and the War on Terror.


  • PhD International Relations (London School of Economics), London, UK.
  • LLM in International and European Law (Università di Bologna), Bologna, Italy
  • MSc in Comparative Politics (London School of Economics), London, UK.
  • BA in Political Science (University of Pennsylvania), Philadelphia, USA

Relevant Past Employment

  • Adjunct Professor, Richmond University, London
  • Class Teacher in International Relations, London School of Economics, London
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant in International Relations, London School of Economics, London
  • Visiting Researcher, South African Institute of International Affairs, Johannesburg

Teaching & Course Development

Responsible for the preparation of teaching materials, the teaching and assessment of students and associated required administration.

Classes recently taught: International Security, 100 Years of War, Conflict and Post-Conflict Reconstruction, Politics of Peace, New States in World Politics, Topics in African History, Introduction to International Relations, International Law, International Organisations, Strategic Aspects of International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis.

Research Interests

  • War and conflict studies
  • International Security
  • African security
  • Non-state actors in contemporary warfare


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Conference Papers Given

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