Dr Charlie Oughton
Visiting Lecturer

Email: oughtonc@regents.ac.uk
Subject(s): Liberal Arts & Humanities

Professional Biography

Charlie Oughton combines journalism and presenting with teaching media at Regent's University London. He writes for media and culture-related outlets including SciFi Now and Starburst, has contributed to a number of edited collections and has presented film commentary materials for a number of home entertainment distributors. He has also judged several international film festival competitions and assisted in the organisation of arts festivals.

He also teaches media and culture-related subjects at University of the Arts London.


  • PhD. Drama. University of Hull.
  • Post Graduate Research Certificate. University of Hull.
  • B.A. English. University of York.

Relevant Past Employment

  • 6 years experience as a freelance film journalist and broadcaster.
  • Freelance market researcher for clients including IPSOS MORI.

Professional Affiliation(s)/Accreditation

  • European Communication Research and Education Association
  • International Cinephile Society

Teaching & Course Development

  • BA and MA courses in Media & Communications teaching journalism, film and television studies, social media and gaming cultures with specific course emphasis on political communications, censorship and cross-cultural communications.
  • Helped to develop the Liberal Studies Media Communications degree with a focus on film studies and representations of identity.

Research Interests

  • Portrayals of controversial subjects in cult and popular media, depictions of gender and sexuality in film, the film industry and its interaction with audiences.


Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Oughton, K. C. 2016. ‘When the woman shoots: ladies behind the silent film camera.’ in Bridges, M. and Robson, C. (eds.) 2015. Silent Women: Pioneers of Cinema. London: Supernova Books. Forthcoming. 

Oughton, K. C. 2015. ‘Subversive Cinema: Cult Film and the rise of Film Fan Communities.’ In Gillieron. R. and Robson, C. (eds.) 2015. Counterculture UK: A Celebration.  London: Supernova Books.

Oughton, K. 2014. ‘Downey Junior: Gender and Violence.’ in MacDonald, E. (ed.) (2014). Robert Downey Jr., From Brat to Icon.’ Jefferson: McFarland Press.  P. 75 – 85.

Oughton, K. (2014). ‘The Home, the Body and Otherness: Canadian Representations of Identity and Feminism in Mary Harron’s American Psycho, Sarah Polley’s Away From Her and the Soska Sisters’ American Mary.’ in Kelly, G. and Robson, C. (eds.) (2014). Celluloid Ceiling: Women Film Directors Breaking Through. London: Supernova Books. P. 49 – 74.

Journal Publications

Oughton. K. C. 2016. ‘Ghosts, grief and giggles: an experiment in hunting the haunted’. In: Murder: moral panic, mythos, modernity, Interdisciplinary.net. Forthcoming.

Oughton, K. C. 2015. ‘Dining out on Dahmer: Unstable structural violence in serial killer celebrity culture’. In. HARTS & Minds: The Journal of Humanities and Arts.

Oughton, K. (2014). ‘Book Review. Film and Video Censorship in Modern Britain by Julian Petley and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer by Shaun Kimber’. Scope – An Online Journal of Film and Television Studies. Issue 26, February 2014. P. 49 – 54.

Conference Papers Given


Oughton. K. 2015. Ghosts, grief and giggles: an experiment in hunting the haunted. In: Murder: moral panic, mythos, modernity – part of The Violence Project for Interdisciplinary.net. Oxford, England.


Oughton. K. 2014. Deliciously Deranged: Depicting the Raison D’être of Jeffrey Dahmer as a Celebrity Serial Killer. In: Hic Dragones, True Crime: Fact, Fiction, Ideology. Manchester, England, 7 June 2014.


Oughton, K., 2013. Teaching Trash: the Changing Role of the Female Fright-film Performer-Journalist. In: IAFOR (International Academic Forum), European Conference of Arts and Humanities. Sussex, England, 18-21 July 2013.


Oughton, K. 2012. Lights! Camera! Academic! The Thorny Issue of Critical Involvement with Snuff Cinema. In: The Cultural Mythology of the Snuff Movie. Bournemouth, England, 23-24 November 2012.

Oughton, K., 2012. Who do You Think You are Kidding, Mr Fulci? The Role of Metanarrative in Cat in the Brain. In: Brunel University, Cine-Excess VI – Transglobal Excess: The Art and Atrocity of Cult Adaptation. London, England, 24–26 May 2012.


Oughton, K., 2011. Monstrous Masculinity: Emasculation and Sexuality in the Horror Film. In: Brunel University, Cine-Excess V - Subverting the Senses: The Politics and Aesthetics of Excess. London, England, 19 –22 July 2011.


Charlie also regularly contributes to film periodicals and provides written and broadcast materials for home entertainment releases.