Dr Dominik Ritter
Research Coordinator & Lecturer

Email: ritterd@regents.ac.uk
Subject(s): Psychotherapy & Psychology

Professional Biography

Dominik is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and he has worked both in the NHS and the private sector for a number of years. He is now predominantly working as a lecturer and researcher in the field of the helping professions. Dominik has a particular interest in critical psychiatry and psychology.


  • DClinPsy
  • PhD
  • BSc

Professional Affiliation(s)/Accreditation

  • BPS
  • HPC

Teaching & Course Development

Dominik has significantly contributed to the Professional Issues in Counselling Psychology module which now highlights important aspects such as ethics, the differences and similarities between Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, the historical development of the "mental health "movement, as well as social, cultural, political, economic and legal considerations in relation to the helping professions.

Research Interests

  • Critical Psychiatry
  • Critical Psychology
  • History of Psychiatry
    • Conceptual Research


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  • Ritter, D. & Eslea, M. (2009). Raging Minds - An experimental investigation into the cognitive mechanisms of violence. Saarbruecken, Germany, VDM Verlag Dr. Mueller.
  • Ritter, D. (2007). Gender Role Orientation and Performance on Stereotypically Feminine and Masculine Cognitive Tasks. Mensa Research Journal, 38 (1), 42-49.
  • Ritter, D. & Eslea, M. (2005).  Hot sauce, toy guns, and graffiti: A critical account of current laboratory aggression paradigms. Aggressive Behavior, 31, 401-419.