Irene Pietropaoli

Position: Lecturer in European Law and International Business Law
Faculty: Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences, Institute of Languages and Culture

Professional Biography

Irene Pietropaoli studied Law at the University La Sapienza of Rome and at the University of Barcelona. She completed an LLM in International Human Rights Law at the National university of Ireland before starting her PhD at Middlesex University in 2011. She had an extensive experience on a range of human rights issue working with international and local organization in Europe, Latin America, South and South East Asia. She is now a lecturer on both postgraduate and undergraduate courses, including modules in European Law, European Single Market and International Business Law. She is a Research Assistant for the ‘Transnational Migration Research Group'.

Irene's research has mainly focused on human rights issues, and in particular on the regional human rights protections systems, women and children rights, transitional justice and business and human rights. She is currently working on a PhD on the liability of corporations operating in conflict areas.


  • PhD Candidate in Law (Middlesex University, London)
  • LLM (Hons) International Human Rights Law (National University of Ireland, Galway, 2007)
  • JD (University of Barcelona, 2006)
  • JD (University La Sapienza, Rome, 2001)

Relevant Past Employment

  • Lecturer in European Single Market, Middlesex University, London 2011-2012
  • Legal Researcher, Business and Human Rights Research Centre, London, 2011
  • Legal Researcher, ECPAT International, Bangkok, Thailand 2010 – 2011
  • Gender Advisor, VSO International, Vientiane, Laos, 2008 – 2009
  • Researcher, INSEC, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2007 - 2008

Professional Affiliation(s)/Accreditation

  • Member of the Transnational Migration Research Group (at Regent's University London)

Teaching & Course Development

Over the past year, Irene has developed and taught a post-graduate module on International Business Law and designed a range of undergraduate modules on European Law and the European Single Market.

Research Interests

Irene's broad research interest is in the field of human rights, and includes topics such as the women and children's rights, business and human rights, transitional justice and regional human rights protection systems. Recent research interest involves the liability of corporations operating in conflict areas.


Book chapters

  • Pietropaoli, I., 2012. Nepal. The Encyclopaedia of Transitional Justice, Cambridge University Press
  • Pietropaoli, I., 2011. Challenges for ASEAN Human Rights Mechanisms. The Case of Laos from a Gender Perspective. Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific Region. Towards Institution Building, Routledge

Journal articles

  • Aguirre, D. and Pietropaoli, I., 2008. Gender, Transitional Justice and Development: The Case of Nepal 2 Oxford Journal on Transitional Justice and Development1-22
  • Pietropaoli, I., 2006. Moiwana Village v. Suriname. The Global Community Yearbook of International Law & Jurisprudence Vol. II. Oxford University Press, 1397-1415

Conference Papers Given

  • 2012. The New ASEAN Human Rights System. Emerging New International Human Rights Mechanisms in the NAM Region Conference, UN Building, Geneva
  • 2010. Social, Economic and Cultural Aspects of Women Access to Health Care in Laos. Women's
  • Health, Well-being between Culture and the Law International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2009. Challenges for ASEAN Human Rights Mechanisms. The Case of Women Rights in Laos. International Conference on Human Rights in the Asia-Pacific Region: Towards Institution
    Building, University of Sydney, Australia
  • 2007. Gender, Transitional Justice and Reconciliation. The case of Post-Conflict Nepal. International Congress on Conceptions of Justice in Asia, University of Delhi, India
  • 2007. Islamic Reservations to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women. International Conference on Human Rights and Religion, Mofid University, Qom, Iran

Last updated: 01 March 2018