Jane Arnell

Email: arnellj@regents.ac.uk
Subject(s): Film, Media & Performance

Relevant Past Employment

  • 2010/2011: Guest tutor on Acting for Screen courses.
  • Tutor and casting consultant to oxford school of drama
  • 3rd year workshops in London and Oxford on Film, TV and audition technique
  • July 2009, May 2010, July 2010: Postgraduate workshops for 1 year course
  • April 2010 – 2011: Tutor and casting consultant to identity drama school (Designated drama school for black actors and performers); Term teaching workshops on acting for TV and film, audition technique
  • Tutor: platform actors workshops
  • Workshops for professional actors
  • Guest speaker and visiting lecturer: Workshops, talks and advisory master classes and open forums with Central School, LAMDA, Bristol Old Vic, Drama Centre etc.

Other Outputs

Professional Casting Credits include:

  • The Deep Blue Sea Feature film Camberwell Films/UK Film Council Director Terrence Davis 2010
  • Chasing the Green Parallel Pictures Ireland for Hallmark Films 2010
  • The Cabin
  • Honeymoon for One
  • Going Wild (comedy drama in development) Talkback: Exec Prod Margot Gavan Duffy
  • Minder new series Talkback Thames 2009 Producer Sean O'Connor
  • Arcadia Talkback Thames 2008 Producer Margot Gavan Duffy
  • The Bill special x 10 eps.  07-09 Producer Sue Howells James Hall Director Ben Morris, Simon Massey
  • Ultimate Force | Series 1 & 2 | Bentley Prods/ITV Producers: Brian Truemay, Peter Norris, Directors: Diarmuid Lawrence, Tim Leandro,
  • Hash Grannies Producer Charlie Rogers Unique Prods/Channel 5
  • Survivor's | ‘Days of Darkness' Unique Productions Executive Producer: Cat Lewis, Director: Jenny Ash.
  • Blue Dove | Carlton Producer: Jonathan Carling, Directors: Paul Harrison, John Woods.
  • My Uncle Silas | Yorkshire Original Series Producer: Peter Norris, Director: Philip Saville.
  • Plain Jane BBC films Producer Jonathan Curling Dir John Woods
  • Amongst Women | Parallel Pictures/BBC Producers: Jonathan Carling, Colin Tucker, Director: Tom Cairns.
  • Under the Sun | Carlton Producer: Annie Tricklebank, Dirs. Adrian Shergold, Paul Seed, Diarmuid Lawrence
  • Breakout BBC films Producer: Peter Norris, Director: Moira Armstrong.
  • Kings in Grass Castles | BBC/Barron Entertainment Exec Prod Paul Barron Prod Jan Tyrell Dir John Woods
  • The Precious Blood | BBC/Screen Two Producer: Robert Cooper, Director: John Woods.
  • Ballykissangel BBC /world Producer Tony Garnett and Joy Lale
  • The Locksmith | Fair Game Films/BBC Producer: Irving Teitelbaum, Stephen Bill, Directors: Alan Dossor, Chris Bernard.
  • No Bananas | BBC series Producer: Peter Norris, Director: Alan Dossor, Roger Bamford
  • Rules of Engagement Yorkshire Prod Peter Norris Dir Charles McDougall
  • Soldier Soldier | Series 1-Final | Central/Carlton Producers: Chris Kelly, Annie Tricklebank, And Writer: Lucy Gannon.
  • Between the Lines | Series 1, 2, 3 | Island World/BBC Executive Producer: Tony Garnett, Producer: Peter Norris, Directors: Charles MacDougall, Bob Bierman, Roy Battersby, Alan Dosser, Tom Clegg, Peter Smith.
  • Chancer | Central TV Series 1 & 2 Producer: Sarah Wilson, Director: Alan Grint.
  • Casualty | BBC Producers: Peter Norris, Geraint Morris.
  • The Riff Raff Element | BBC Producer: Liz Truebridge, Writer: Debbie Horsefield.
  • The Harry Enfield Show | Hat Trick Producer: Geoffrey Perkins.
  • Hard Cases | Series 1.2 | Central TV Producer: Philip Bowman, Directors: Tony Garnet, Richard Standeven.
  • Les Girls | Central TV Producer: Patrick Harbison.
  • Rides | Serie1 | Warner Sisters/BBC Producer: Lavinia Warner, Director: Andrew Morgan.
  • Runaway Bay | Lifetime Productions/BBC Producer: Eddie Babbage.
  • The World of Eddie Weary | Fingertip Productions/ Yorkshire Producer: Steve Lanning, Alan Grint.
  • Girls on Top | Central TV Producer/Director: Paul Jackson.
  • Devil's Advocate | BBC Films Producer: Peter Norris, Director: Adrian Shergold.
  • Fair Game | Fair Game Films/BBC Films Producer: Carol Parkes, Director: Alan Dosser.
  • Signor Cane | Imagine e Cinema Producer: Giampaola Tescari.
  • Carry on Columbus Producer: John Goldstone, Director: Gerald Thomas.