Professor Olaf Jubin

Olaf Jubin

Position: Reader in Media Studies and Musical Theatre
Faculty: Creative and Liberal Arts
Programme/s: BA (Hons) Liberal Studies (Media & Communications) with Integrated Foundation

Professional Biography

Olaf Jubin is a scholar with a broad range of research interests; as author, co-author, co-editor and journalist he has published widely in the areas of Media Studies and Musical Theatre. Apart from working as teacher and researcher at various Higher Education Institutions in Bochum, Germany, and in London, where he has gained extensive experience in empirical research, he has also translated books and essays into German.

In autumn 2016, he will jointly publish the first two critical studies of British musical theatre. The Oxford Handbook of the British Musical (co-edited with Robert Gordon) contains 28 essays that constitute the first comprehensive academic survey of British musical theatre from its origins to its current state, while British Musical Theatre since 1950 (co-written with Robert Gordon and Millie Taylor) is the first scholarly book to examine the postwar British musical by means of a series of case studies.

Olaf is a founder member of the British Musical Theatre Research Institute as well as a member of its steering group. He also serves on the editorial board of Studies in Musical Theatre, the pre-eminent journal in the field, and has recently been appointed external examiner for the B.A. in Musical Theatre at the University of Portsmouth.


  • PhD in Communication Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum, 2003 (“summa cum laude”)
  • M.A. in Communication Studies, Comparative Literature and Film and Theatre Studies, Ruhr-University Bochum, 1995 (“with distinction”)

Relevant Past Employment

  • 2007, Translator into German of several essays for the book Sexualität als Experiment: Identität, Lust und Reproduktion zwischen Science und Fiktion
  • 2006 – current, Part-Time lecturer and convenor of a study abroad course on the history of musical theatre, Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • 2005 – 2007, Lecturer at the summer school in contemporary London theatre at Accent International Consortium
  • 2000 – 2007, Part-time lecturer in theatre history, history of musical theatre and film musicals, and text analysis at the Constantin School for the Performing Arts, Bochum
  • 2003 – current, Part-time lecturer on the MA in Musical Theatre, Goldsmiths College, University of London
  • 2000, Translator into German of the book The Early History of German Motion Pictures 1895-1935 by D. B. Thomas for the Magnus Verlag GmbH, Essen.
  • 1995 – 2000, Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Communications and Journalism, Ruhr University, Bochum.
  • 1994 – 1995, Author of original lectures on musical theatre written for the Stella Musical Management GmbH, Hamburg.
  • 1994 – 1995, Collaborator on a research project on cross-promotion in the media

Teaching & Course Development

Since he started working at Regent's University London, Olaf has devised and taught 14 different courses at undergraduate level as well as 4 different courses at MA level in the areas of Media Studies and Musical Theatre. Together with Dr Valerie Kaneko Lucas and Anna Sullivan he also developed the “Acting Foundation” course for the London School for Film, Media and Performance.

During the 2015 revalidation he devised several media, theatre and film studies courses.

Research Supervision

At Goldsmiths, University of London, Olaf was joint supervisor of a PhD thesis which compared the factors for commercial success of musical theatre in London and New York. Since 2006 he has supervised more than 15 Senior Overviews, all with media-related topics. At the Ruhr-University Bochum the supervision of MA student dissertations was a regular part of his job.

Research Interests

General research interests include the musical on stage and screen, popular culture and post-war Japanese film. Over the course of his academic career, Olaf has conducted research on the dubbing and subtitling of film musicals, musical theatre reviewing in the USA, UK and Germany/Austria, cross-promotion in the media, the history of privately-owned TV channels in Germany as well as the relation between Media Studies and media practice. Current research activities include the history of the British Musical, James Bond as popular culture, the works of Stephen Sondheim, the works of lyricist Tim Rice, the film musical since 1989, the films of Brian de Palma and the career of Doris Day.


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    (Cross-cultural study of American, British and German/Austrian theatre reviews)
  • Dickhut, I./Jubin, O./Stodiek, O. (eds.) (2003) „Sorry – das ist meine Meinung!“ Statements aus der Medienpraxis zu Relevanz und Funktion von Medienwissenschaft, Bochum: Kamp Verlag.
    (A collection of statements of people working in the media on the use and necessity of Media Studies)
  • Dickhut, I./Jubin, O./Stodiek, O. (eds.) (1997) Publizistik als Berufung. Wirken und Werk der publizistischen Persönlichkeit Heinz-Dietrich Fischer, Bochum: Brockmeyer Verlag.
    (Festschrift; a collection of seminal essays by Professor Dr Dr Fischer)
  • Jubin, O. (1997): Bibliographie zur deutschen Privatfunk-Entwicklung. Literatur-Nachweise aus fünf¬undzwanzig Jahren, 1970-1995, Bochum: Brockmeyer Verlag. (Bibliography on the history of privately owned television channels in Germany) 
  • Fischer, H.-D./Jubin, O./Stodiek, O. (1996): Printmedien-Präsentation von Fernseh-Thema-tiken im Kontext der Wettbewerbssituation auf dem TV-Markt, Bochum: Brockmeyer Verlag.
    (Study on cross-promotion in the media)
  • Fischer, H.-D./Jubin, O. (eds.) (1996): Privatfernsehen in Deutschland. Konzepte, Kon¬kur-ren¬ten, Kontroversen, Frankfurt am Main: Verlagsgruppe Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
    (First ever collection of essays on privately-owned German television stations)
  • Jubin, O. (1995) Die unterschätzte Filmgattung. Aufbereitung und Rezeption des Hollywood Mu¬sicals in Deutschland, Bochum: Brockmeyer 1995.
    (Intercultural study of the way film musicals have been prepared for the German market through cutting, subtitling and dubbing)
  • Olaf Jubin: “There's No Escaping Nostalgia: The 1987 London Version of Follies”,
    in:Studies in Musical Theatre, Vol. 6, No. 2, 2012, pp. 199-212.

Forthcoming publications

Jubin, O,.: „Horses for Courses oder Mehr als ‚Zuschau’n Kann I Net‘: White Horse Inn als anglifizierte bzw. amerikanisierte Version von Im Weißen Rössl“, in: Nils Grosch/ Carolin Stahrenberg (eds.): Im Weißen Rößl. Neue kulturgeschichtliche Perspektiven 1930-2015,  Waxmann [publication date: Summer 2016]

Gordon, R./Jubin, O./Taylor, M.: British Musical Theatre since 1950, Methuen.
[publication date: 8 September 2016]

Gordon, R./Jubin, O. (eds.): The Oxford Handbook of the British Musical, OUP [publication date: 21 November 2016]

Jubin, O.: “Too Far ‘Out There’? The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, in: George Rodosthenous (ed.): The Disney Musical on Stage and Screen: Critical Ap­proaches from Snow White to Frozen, Methuen [publication date: Autumn 2016

Jubin, O.: “The Trouble with ‘Little Girls’: Annie on the Big (and Small) Screen”, in George Rodosthenous (ed.): Twenty-First Century Film Musicals: Journeys from Stage to Screen, Bloomsbury. [publication date: Spring 2017]

Other Outputs

  • 1994-2007 several articles in newspapers and special interest magazines such as Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung, Musicals, and Publizistik
  • 2002-2003 author of own column in bi-monthly magazine, Blickpunkt Musical

Conference Papers Given

  • „Horses for Courses oder Mehr als ‚Zuschau’n Kann I Net‘: White Horse Inn als anglifizierte bzw. amerikanisierte Version von Im Weißen Rössl“ – Im Weißen Rössl. Neue kulturge¬schichtliche Perspektiven 1930-2015, University of Salzburg, St. Wolfgang, Austria, 04/2015.
  • “‘The Art of the Possible’: The Transformation of Evita from Concept Record¬ing to Concept Musical” – Song, Stage, and Screen IX: The Art of Collabor¬ation in Musical Theatre, Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario, 06/2014.
  • “Populärkultur in den deutschsprachigen Medien” – Populäres Musiktheater: Theoretische und Methodische Reflexionen zu einem Gattungsbegriff, Freie Universität Berlin, 06/2014.
  • “When Pop Icon Met Political Icon: the 1996 Film Version of Evita” – Restaging the Song: Adapting Broadway for the Silver Screen, University of Sheffield, 05/2014.
  • “Singin’ in the Rain als Klassiker des amerikanischen Filmmusicals” – Singin’ in the Rain: Kulturgeschichte eines Hollywood-Musical-Klassikers, University of Salzburg, 07/2013.
  • “‘Gleek’ Mythology or How Recent and Current Television Hits Portray Training for and Performing in Musical Theatre” – Song, Stage, and Screen VIII: What We Do When We Do What We Do – Praxis and Performance in Musical Theatre, Central School for Speech and Drama, London, 07/2013
  •  “The Hills Are Alive with...My Songs, My Dreams? The Disastrous Reception of The Sound of Music in Germany and Austria” - Song, Stage, and Screen VII: The Musical's Global Conquest, University of Groningen 07/2012 
  • “Sondheim at the Movies” - The Stephen Sondheim Society: Brush Up Your Sondheim, Royal Academy of Music, London, 07/2012.
  • “‘I Know Him So Well?' The Voice of Tim Rice in His Musicals” ─ Song, Stage, and Screen V: Interdisciplinary Approaches to ‘Voice' in Music, Theatre and Film, University of Winchester, 09/2010
  • “One More Folly? The London Version of Follies” ─ Song, Stage, and Screen III: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Musical Stage, CUNY, New York, 04/2008
  • “Entertainment Experts? Patterns in the Reviewing of Musical Theatre” ─ Popular Culture & American Culture Association, Boston, 04/2007
  • “Globalisation and the Consumption of the Hollywood Musical in German and Austria” ─ Song, Stage, and Screen II: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Musical Stage, University of Leeds, 03/2007
  • “It Takes Two: The Doubling of Characters and Actors as Strategy in Sunday in the Park with George” ─ Stephen Sondheim – Collaborator and Auteur, Goldsmiths College, London, 11/2005
  • In June 2015, Olaf also convened the international conference Song, Stage and Screen X: The Star System in Musical Theatre and Film at Regent’s University London, which was attended by more than 60 scholars from 10 different countries.

Forthcoming Conference Papers

  •  “Didn’t You Once Sing to Me in German?” – Tracking the Dubbing and Subtitling of Film Musicals for the German-language Market”, Putting It Together: Investigating Sources for Musical Theatre Research, University of Sheffield, 05/2016.
  • “Tales of the South Pacific: Reviving Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Classic Show in London and New York” – Song, Stage and Screen XI, CUNY, New York, 06/2016.

Grants Awarded

  • 2004 Winner of the “Preis an Studierende” for outstanding achievement in doctoral research, Ruhr-University Bochum
  • 2004 Short-term appointment grant from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) to support travel and subsistence in connection with teaching at Goldsmiths College    
  • 1993 Recipient of a John J. McCloy research fellowship in journalism from the American Council on Ger¬many to research the American film and stage musical in Los Angeles and New York

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