Steve Jensen

Position: Visiting Lecturer
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Faculty: Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences

Professional Biography

Steve Jensen is a Designer, Artist & Academic who has operated between the boundaries of Art and Architecture for nearly twenty-five years.
This balance of professional practice and education has created a unique body of work that has enabled him to formulate a strong design identity and educational aptitude.

Through the development of his professional practice, he has discovered a new perspective can be gained through further distillation of an idea to both compliment and improve an initial brief or a project's goal.

Through applying practical skills and experience, researching, resolving and constructing his own projects he is led to believe that a practical approach to the creative process is essential.

Relevant Past Employment

  • MBM Architects Barcelona, 1991-93
  • Juggernaut Design Owner & Company Director, 1993-99
  • Theatre design with Sean Holmes, 1994 -96.
  • Stephen Donald Architects Ltd., 2000-01
  • Other Peoples Houses, 2002-04
  • Honey I Ruined the House, 2004-05
  • Ralph Applebaum Ltd., 2010
  • Olympic Legacy Company & Groundwork, 2011-12
  • Textbasedartspace, 1996-present
  • Anarchitect Owner & Company director, 2002-12
  • SJd - Steve Jensen Design, 2012-present

Teaching & Course Development

  • 1995-96: Langley College of Design and Technology - Sessional Lecturer on Art Foundation course.
  • 1996-2012: Interior Design Kingston University - Sessional Lecturer at all levels.
  • 2000-2003: Interior Design London Institute/Chelsea College of Art - Sessional Lecturer and studio leader
  • London Borough of Tower Hamlets Adult Learning tutor - Sessional Tutor
  • 2009-2014: London Metropolitan University - Interior Architecture Sessional Lecturer Studio 1 leader
  • 2014–2015The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design
    • Course Leader Interior Architecture - 1st Year leader Interiors
    • Studio 4 leader - Interior Architecture and Design
  • 2016-2017:
  • 2011-2016University of Westminster - Interior Architecture. Sessional Lecturer 3rd year.
  • 2016-presentRoyal College of Art Interior Design - Tutor

Other Outputs

  • Blueprint Magazine/ Canon Design of the year award, 1994
  • ICA / Toshiba Arts and Innovation Award, 1995
  • UIA Barcelona Concourso Architecture Competition, 1996
  • A Band to Stand in. Public Art Competition, 2002
  • Seamless Furniture. Milan Furniture Fair. Dezeen award, 2005
  • Quality Britain representative Tokyo, 2006
  • Tallinn Art School Architecture Competition, 2007
  • Vivienne Westwood Design Studios Competition, 2008

Last updated: 09 July 2018