Regent's International Acting Competition 2019/20

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The MY SHAKESPEARE competition invites students to perform a monologue or a sonnet from one of Shakespeare’s plays.

The competition is open to both UK and international pre-degree students (including A/S, A level, foundation and equivalent pre-degree programmes).

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions (subject to change) for guidelines and prizes.

Registration has now closed for the 2020 competition. 

Students will be required to submit their work by 17:00 GMT on Friday 28 February 2020.


The plays of Shakespeare are performed and read across the world. One of the most famous writers in history, his words have been read, explored, argued over and heard for more than 400 years.

Shakespeare’s words were intended to be spoken and performed and your challenge is to perform a monologue or sonnet of your choosing that you feel a connection with.

At Regent’s we welcome students from all over the world to our London campus and the international student body is reflected in all our activities, both academic and extra-curricular.

We are inviting you to perform a monologue from one of Shakespeare’s plays or a sonnet reflecting the title MY SHAKESPEARE.

We would like to see a creative expression of yourself and your chosen Shakespeare monologue or sonnet. We are not looking for ‘classical acting’, but a monologue that is delivered with a real sense of your character.

Competition entries will be judged by a panel including a London-based casting director, a leading theatre director and a member of Regent’s faculty.

The brief

Your monologue should be performed to camera and interpreted in whatever way you think best communicates the piece to the viewer. Shakespeare looks really difficult and can be hard to read. Of course, it was never written to be read, but to be performed. The language is poetic and offers its own guidance on to how to act, if you follow the rhythm implied by the form of the writing. When speaking:

  • Take your time and find the life and emotional connection between yourself and the monologue
  • Use your own accent but be clear in your diction, paying particular attention to ensuring that you use all of the consonants in each word and respect the punctuation.

Feel free to use props and/or costume and to find appropriate gestures as part of the action and the storytelling. However, do make sure that nothing gets in the way of your storytelling and acting. Remember that often ‘less is more’.

Above all enjoy and show the pleasure of speaking lines that have as much life in them today as they had over 400 years ago.

How to submit your work

  1. Make a short film of yourself acting a Shakespeare monologue of 3-4 minutes (.mp4 or .mov formats).
  2. Write a brief statement of around 200 words about why you chose this monologue.
  3. Email your entry to [email protected]

Students will be required to submit their work by 17:00 GMT on Friday 28 February 2020.