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The Erasmus+ programme is funded by the European Commission and provides opportunities for students to study and work abroad and for staff to teach and/or train abroad. 

The programmes aim to modernise education, training and youth work across Europe. It supports student and staff individual mobility and collaboration between universities. It also helps to boost employability and improves opportunities for young people. 

Regent’s London University was awarded the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) in 2014 and has been actively participating in the Erasmus+ programme ever since.

Erasmus Policy Statement

For more information about the Erasmus+ programme, visit the Erasmus+ website or the European Commission website.


All Regent’s students can be eligible for an Erasmus grant. Grants are supplementary, non-repayable and are intended to contribute to any expenses incurred during the period abroad.  

Erasmus grants are available to students who carry out an Erasmus study abroad term or PLP (Placement Learning Project) or a work placement/internship in one of the Erasmus Programme Countries: 

Member States of the European Union (EU):  

Belgium, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Spain, Luxembourg, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Slovenia, Denmark, Croatia, Malta, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, Cyprus, Austria, Sweden, Ireland, Latvia, Poland,  

Non-EU Programme Countries: 

Republic of North Macedonia, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Serbia 

Types of grants available


  • As long as your study period abroad is minimum three months (90 days) and your mobility is agreed with your Head of Programme you will be eligible to receive a grant of 370-420EURO/ month depending on the country you choose to go to. 
  • Your study abroad will be fully recognised and all the credits will be transferred on your return to Regent’s towards your degree. 

Traineeship (work placement) 

  • Your placement will need to last at least two months (60 days) and have an approval of your Head of Programme (if you are going on your PLP), or our Career team. 
  • You will receive a grant of 470-520 EURO/ month depending on your country of destination 

Graduate traineeship  

  • This opportunity is for any student (undergraduate or postgraduate) in their final year at Regent’s. If you are interested in undertaking a placement after you graduate from Regent’s, please bear in mind that this option must be agreed while you are still a Regent’s student, in your final year. Once agreed, you will be able to undertake it within a year of your graduation.  
  • Minimum duration of a placement is two months (60 days). 

Additional grants 

  • For students from disadvantaged backgrounds  
  • Special Needs 

Please contact [email protected] for any further information.

Click here to download the Erasmus Student Charter.

Incoming students willing to study at Regent’s as part of their degree, please see the Inbound to Regent’s page.


All staff members employed by Regent’s University London are encouraged to consider the Erasmus+ staff mobility. This opportunity allows staff from our University to go abroad, to one of the Erasmus Programme Countries, for a minimum of two days for work. It is open to both academic and professional services staff and can support either teaching or training mobility: 

Teaching mobility is open to academic staff and allows them to teach at a partner institution abroad. It can be in any subject area / academic discipline.  

Training mobility is open to both academic and non-academic staff members. It supports the professional development in the form of training abroad, job shadowing, observation, attendance at workshop, courses, training at a partner institution, or at another relevant organisation abroad.  

For detailed information about the application process and to access an application form, please refer to the staff guide or email [email protected].    

Regent’s University London also welcomes colleagues from our partners in exchange. We do our best to accommodate our Erasmus colleagues and to enable us to do so, we ask that you submit a short form. This allows us to understand the purpose, objectives any requirements of the visit.  

We are also happy to consider requests to host Erasmus mobilities from outside of our partner network.

For any other information about international visits to Regent's, please visit our International Partnerships page.

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