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Alumni Business Directory

The Alumni Business Directory celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of the Regent’s community by bringing together the businesses that have been founded by our alumni. 

The global Regent’s community is invited to explore and support these businesses, as well as take advantage of exclusive discounts, offered by this network. 

If you are a Regent's alumnus/a and have founded a business, join our network by completing the membership form. For any questions, contact the team by emailing [email protected]

Business name Business type Discount code (if applicable) Alumni details
AlgoMe Consulting Consulting   Pierre-Yves Rahari-Jacobs
Counselling and Psychotherapy, 2016
Ali FarFit Events, Hospitality, Sports, Leisure and Tourism Contact [email protected] for a complimentary fitness session. Bring a friend too. Ali Farran
Management, 2015
Axiom Climate Environment and Sustainability   Lauren Enright
International Relations, 2010
Bare Design Web Design   Elena Voci
Marketing, 2014
Buyx Procurement   Can Duyguluer
MA International Management, 2006
Canvas London Apparel and Fashion   Charlie Tee
International Business, 2015
Central 23 Manufacturing, FMCG and Consumer Goods   Marcus Ereira
Global Management, 2014
CoinCoach Financial Technology Free service Morgan Kidd
International Business with Mandarin, 2013
CPPC London Psychology and Psychotherapy REGENTSALUM Caroline Plumer
Psychotherapy & Counselling, 2018
Culture Buff Games Entrepreneurship/Start-up   Lucy Fogarty
Psychotherapy & Counselling, 2007
Digital Sekta Marketing, Advertising and PR   Olesia Klevnaia
Digital Marketing & Analytics, 2016
Digitransformer Ltd Computing, IT and Technology 10% discount for Regent's alumni Andrea Bonaria
Global Management (Leadership & Management), 2019
Eikon7 Marketing, Advertising and PR 15% discount on branding, website and animation services Shayan Mahmud
International Business, 2014
Elevate Marketing & Design Marketing, Advertising and PR Regentsdiscount Michelle Faerman
International Business, 2014
ENKI LONDON Health, Medicine and Biotechnology REGENTS15 Luise Hasse
Liberal Studies (Media & Communications), 2020
Enlight Ed Education   Sartou Djibril
Global Financial Management, 2009
Gravity Co-Living Real Estate and Property GCLRegents Riccardo Tessaro
Financial Management, 2012
Hosea Clothing Apparel and Fashion tukehall Christopher Stroud
Liberal Studies (Business Management), 2019
Knightfox App Design Ltd Computing, IT and Technology 15% Egbert von Frankenberg
International Business and Marketing, 2005
Lila Marketing Marketing, Advertising and PR 25% discount. Contact us via [email protected] Maite Presencia Fandos
Business Administration, 2014
Magnetic Arcade Film, Music, Media and Digital   Megan Van Beveren
Business Management, 2018
Meiji Internships HR and Recruitment REGENTSALUMNI Henri Vlahovic
International Business with Japanese, 2011
MITO Luxury Business-Boutique Consultancy Consulting 'Regent's 25% off' when asking for service Davide Diurisi
European Business Administration, 1994
Nopla Environment and Sustainability REGENTSBRUSH – free toothbrush added to order Francesco Cappellini
Global Management, 2018
Nr1 Fitness Hungary & Romania Fitness nr1fitnessbudapest

Ivar Braatveit
BA International Business Management, 2013

PawsApp Entrepreneurship/Start-up 20% discount for Regent's alumni Billur Buran
Digital Marketing & Analytics, 2018
Rail Solutions Enterprise, LLC Transportation, Shipping and Logistics   Roxanne Militaru
International Business with Spanish and Economics, 2016
Regents Racing Aviation and Automotive   Farah Nanji
Global Business Management, 2013
Salinas and T Group Consulting   Alfredo Salinas
BA Global Management, 2019
S A N C T London Luxury Goods   Madison De Villiers
MA International Business, 2014
Shahrukh Faridi Coaching Consulting Please email with 'RegentsAlumni' in the subject line Shahrukh Faridi
Global Marketing Management, 2009
Somos Lifestyle Management Events, Hospitality, Sports, Leisure and Tourism   Sofia Ruiz Iglesias
Luxury Brand Management, 2017
Stiliana Bellisario Apparel and Fashion   Stiliana Bellisario
MSc Global Banking & Finance, 2014
The Brand Scan Marketing, Advertising and PR 50% Tatiana Doronina
Luxury Brand Management, 2018
The StartUp Tribe Entrepreneurship/Start-Up   York Zucchi
there is no spoon Consulting 'RU2000' for a 20% discount on all services. Lara Khouri
Media & Communications, 2000
Tillit Fintech   Felicia Hjertman
International Business with Russian, 2011
TinyVintage GmbH Entrepreneurship/Start-Up   Stella Bührer
International Business Management, 2009
Yoga Time with Caroline Health and Wellbeing   Caroline Wagner
International Business, 2018


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By submitting a business listing, you confirm that the business is owned/founded by an alumnus/a of the University, and you recognise that inclusion in the listing should not be considered an endorsement by Regent’s University London. Use of the Directory or the contact information within for solicitation purposes of any kind is strictly prohibited.