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Autumn 2020 Study Abroad Pre-Departure Guidance


Online Pre-Departure Session

Drop in to either of our morning and afternoon study abroad pre-departure sessions on Thursday 13th August, where our Study Abroad team will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have. The following links will take you to the sessions on the day:

The group will be updated with Q&As as we go. You will also be able to access all key documents you need for your term abroad, such as the Pre-Departure Guide and templates for your learning agreements.


Studying abroad has, regrettably, been affected by the COVID-19 situation, but Regent’s University London is still committed to working with you individually to offer the best possible study abroad experience as a valued part of your degree.  

Where your term abroad in the autumn has been affected by COVID-19 implications, we have been in touch to discuss and confirm changes as appropriate to your particular situation. 

Please read details on the other tabs at the top of this page for specific information on key areas to your term abroad in the autumn, which you can also find in the following Study Abroad Pre-Departure & Arrival Guide, along with additional information on Finances, PLP (Placement learning Project), Accommodation and some handy checklists. 

It is also important that you complete the Risk Assessment in advance of your departure. 

We are on hand to continue helping you out with guidance so please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Study Abroad team.

Study Abroad Video

Choosing Modules

Selecting and obtaining approval for the modules you will study while abroad

It is essential to select and obtain approval for the modules you intend to study abroad before your departure, according to guidelines set out as part of your application instructions. After arrival, this will need to be reconfirmed. Some host universities will have a class add/drop period after arrival, others require the module selection to be finalised and confirmed as part of the application process. Please refer to the application instructions of your host university. 

Workload requirements 

You must study a full-time workload abroad which is the equivalent of 60 UK credits. Please refer to the Pre-Departure & Arrival Guide for more details. 

Completing your Learning Agreement 

Your learning agreement is essentially a contract between you, Regent’s University London and your host university, confirming the modules you will be taking while abroad. It is binding and any modules you take that have not been approved on your learning agreement will not be counted as credit. There 2 types of learning agreement which are both available on the Study Abroad Blackboard Module: 

  1. Erasmus Learning Agreement: used for study abroad terms in the Erasmus+ network 
  2. Regent’s Learning Agreement: used for study abroad terms anywhere else in the world 

The modules you wish to take abroad must be discussed and agreed with the relevant Study Abroad Academic Adviser, entered into the correct section of the learning agreement and then signed and dated by all three parties (1. Student; 2. Head of Programme at Regent’s; 3. the host university). 

For general criteria of module selection and other important points, please refer to the Pre-Departure & Arrival Guide

Visas and Immigration

Details coming soon.


Health Insurance 

  • Having suitable health insurance for the duration of your term abroad is compulsory 
  • It must meet the minimum requirements that your host university has communicated to you 

It can be one of the following types depending on your nationality and your destination: 

EHIC card

EHIC CARD (European Health Insurance Card) 

This is available for any EU citizen to obtain and counts as valid cover for students studying in any EU member state.

Valid health insurance  

If you don't have/can't get an EHIC card or are not travelling to the EU for your term abroad, then you will need to ensure you have suitable health insurance for the entire duration of your term abroad. 'Suitable' means that it meets the requirements communicated to you by your host university. This can be either: 

  1. Insurance you are required to purchase by your host university regardless of any existing cover you may have in place 
  2. Existing health insurance you may have (such as part of a worldwide family policy or similar) if your host university allows third-party insurance which meets their requirements. Your host university will usually require you to fill in a "waiver" form. 

In the current climate, we recommend that you take extra care to ensure any health insurance you obtain is comprehensive and covers events specifically related to COVID-19, if possible. 

Travel Insurance 

We recommend that you get comprehensive travel insurance in place that does not omit coverage of costs related to COVID-19 (such as repatriation) and fully covers any cancellation of travel and accommodation bookings. 

Risk Assessment

As part of our improved measures to secure your safety and wellbeing whilst abroad, we are asking all students going abroad in autumn 2020 to complete the below risk assessment before their departure. 

Access it by clicking the below button. You will need to login with your Regent's username and password to complete the assessment. 

Go to risk assessment

Keeping in Touch

Remember to: 

  • Contact us for anything - no matter how "small" it seems 
  • Make the most of your host university's services & facilities 
  • Take loads of photos and videos 
  • Be a good ambassador for Regent's 
  • Stay safe, stay in touch & have fun! 

How to reach us  

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: (provided directly)  

Microsoft Teams: Install the MS Teams app on your phone and log in with your Regent's credentials to see the Study Abroad team and your specific country channel which you have been added to!

Facebook: Go Abroad Regent’s. Join our closed Facebook group to learn from other students who have been on study abroad.

Instagram: goabroadregents. Follow us on Instagram and share your photos of your study abroad experience #goabroadregents 

Blackboard: Don’t forget about the Study Abroad Blackboard module which contains a lot of information about your term abroad.