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BA (Hons) Liberal Arts (Majors)

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Design your career, your way

With eleven majors and over 50 elective modules to choose from, you’ll have the flexibility to build your own unique degree – mixing modules to shape your studies freely in a way that suits you, your interests and your career goals. 

Specialise in one major area of study, pairing it with a mix of elective modules each year to develop your specialist knowledge as well as your cross-disciplinary thinking – connecting ideas, themes, topics across subject areas. 

Start with a career goal in mind or test different combinations as you study – discovering new fields that you’re passionate about while developing a broad range of skills that’ll prepare you for success.

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BA (Hons) Liberal Arts (Majors)

Start another way

If you don’t have the qualifications needed to enter our degree-level course directly, or if you aren’t sure which major you’d like to follow, our Integrated Foundation course is for you. 

The four-year course begins with a foundation year, introducing you to a variety of Liberal Arts topics and providing you with the fundamental skills to confidently progress to degree-level.  

Take a broad look at areas such as international relations, business management, psychology and media studies – developing your critical thinking, problem-solving and communication skills, as well as learning the basics of data analysis and scientific understanding. 

Once you’ve completed the foundation year, you’ll progress directly to the three-year BA (Hons) Liberal Arts degree – majoring in your chosen subject area and choosing from a variety of elective modules, spanning all majors. 

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Academic and student

Meet our academics

Learn industry practices from broad-thinking academics – able to support your learning across all subject areas:

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Alessandra Chambers
‘This broad course combines subject areas in a way I would never have thought of, such as fashion and forensics. I’ve found this variation particularly interesting.’ Alessandra Chambers, Liberal Arts (Psychology) student

Your flexible career

Graduate with a wide range of skills valuable in any workplace, including critical thinking, cross-cultural understanding, communication, teamwork and problem-solving – ready to become an engaged, thoughtful and well-informed global leader.  

Industry-active academics can help to connect you to world-renowned companies, where you’ll build valuable workplace skills and connections you’ll lean on throughout your whole career. 

Liberal Arts alumni have a high rate of employment and occupy various high-profile positions across academia, entrepreneurship, finance, politics, law, management, the arts, marketing, PR, psychology and consultancy. 

Many Liberal Arts graduates also pursue postgraduate study at Regent’s, launch successful enterprises and expand existing family businesses, while making the most of Regent’s lifelong career support and innovative entrepreneurial space, The Hive


Ragwa Fouda
‘I really appreciate the open-minded approach to the Liberal Arts degree, which applies to real life. The History major is not based solely on textbook learning but rather focuses more on past experiences, with room for interpretation.’ Ragwa Fouda, Liberal Arts (History) student

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