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Commitment to Students for Online Learning

Regent’s Commitment to Students for Online Learning recognises that online delivery is a temporary measure for most of our students, and it is designed to underpin a high-quality student experience whether the teaching is delivered remotely or on-campus.

Our Commitment outlines the online learning experience. We are listening to what our students are telling us about their experience, both via online surveys and via the Student Union. We are informed by industry leaders. And we have gathered our Regent's experts to share best practice. 


As a result, we designed our approach to online teaching to:

  • be clear and fair for our students
  • improve the way we deliver teaching, learning and assessment.

Our Commitment has 10 guiding principles:

1. Tailored for online and face to face

2. Structured for success

3. Discussion and collaboration

4. Active learning

5. Assessment and achievement

6. Academic guidance and feedback

7. Introducing "Regent’s Global Experts" Series

8. Accessible content

9. Personalised student support

10. Academic skills and your future


Our Commitment to Students for Online Learning was developed in concert with the Regent’s Responds Action Plan and is our commitment to you. We hope it provides you with confidence that Regent’s is taking bold and appropriate action to ensure you are able to continue to achieve your learning and career aspirations in these unprecedented and challenging times.