Bank Crises
Resolutions in Europe

11 May 2017

Challenges and Lessons Learnt from the BRRD Implementation

Location          Knapp Gallery, Regent's University London

Registration    17:30

Seminar           18:00 to 19:30, followed by canapes

This seminar, organised by the Centre for Banking & Finance at Regent's University London, critically analyses the functioning of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) since its implementation.

The keynote speaker is Roberto Nicastro, chairman of the four Italian ‘Good Banks’ involved in the new resolution regime.

The event is an opportunity for academics, students, regulators and industry practitioners to discuss the BRRD and its effectiveness in crises resolutions, focusing on the experiences of the four Italian ‘Good Banks’.

The BRRD, approved on 15 May 2014, aimed to standardise and harmonise banks’ resolution regimes within the European Union. Before its implementation, EU member states were already subject to the same prudential regulatory standards, however crises resolution regimes and practices were relatively heterogeneous.

The BRRD was designed to offer a variety of tools for the resolution of banks’ crises. These are supposed to take into consideration the interests of a variety of stakeholders, such as depositors, shareholders, competitors and employees.

However the introduction of the BRRD has highlighted several issues in how putting some of the resolution tools into practice has led to controversial results.

The event has been endorsed by the Italian Embassy in London.

To register for the event, email Professor Gianfranco Vento, Director, Centre for Banking & Finance on

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