Senior European Experts Seminar: Europe after the Shocks

15 November 2017

Herringham Hall
Regent’s University London, Park Campus



Our next Senior European Experts seminar will discuss “Europe after the Shocks”. After an opening presentation by David Hannay (Lord Hannay of Chiswick), a panel of distinguished speakers from government and politics will debate the future of our continent with an audience of students and invited guests. Join us for what will be a fascinating discussion.

Registrations are open from 18:00 and the event will be followed by a reception from 20:00.

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For a decade the continent of Europe – and the European Union as an institution – has been faced with a series of shocks.  These shocks have been economic, with the global financial crisis and the subsequent eurozone crisis; political, with the rise of populist parties and the decline of mainstream ones; and security, with unprecedented levels of Islamist terrorism in Europe, civil war and chaos in the Middle East, a migration crisis and a resurgent Russia’s policies, particularly in Ukraine.  The Brexit vote in the United Kingdom in 2016 has been seen as an integral part of this period of European crisis and its associated political trends.

Download Europe after the Shocks - Background Paper


Lord Hannay of Chiswick: Member of the House of Lords International Relations Committee.
Quentin Peel: Mercator senior fellow at the Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) in London and freelance commentator for the Financial Times.
Nanja Piek: Head of the Economic Section at the Netherlands Embassy in London.

Chair: Professor Aldwyn Cooper, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive