Conference schedule

Wednesday 24 June 2015

9.00-10.30: Registration and coffee/tea

10.30-11.00: Welcome Session (Theatre)

11.00-12.30: First panel:

1. “The Babbitt and the Bromide”, PS101

a. Julianne Lindberg: “Gene Kelly’s Broadway: the ‘It’ Factor at Play”

b. Martha Shearer: “Gene Kelly and Urban Space”

c. Nathan James: “Gene Kelly & Fred Astaire: the Song and Dance Man as Auteur”

12.30-13.15: Light lunch (provided)

13.15-14.45: Second & Third Panel:

2. “Media Systems and Media Icons”, PS101

a. Yektanursin Duyan: “To Be the Star in Turkish Cinema: the Yeşilçam Period as a Star Factory”

b. Emilio Mendez: “‘The Lady’s Got Potential’: Evita, Latin American Politics and the Star (in the) System

c. Adam Rush: “‘So Lauren Bacall Me’: Musical Theatre and the Fluidity of Iconicity

3. “Relating to the Actress”, PS201

a. Mikael Strömberg: “Diva or Star – What’s the Difference? Zarah Leander and Tollie Zellman in Comparison”

b. Veronika Bochynek: “Contributions of Tap Dance to Judy Garland’s Stardom”

c. Beth Carroll: “All Singing, All Dancing Deneuve”

14.45-15.15: Coffee break

15.15-16.45: Fourth panel:

4. “Managing Expectations: the Singer, the Showman and the Stand-by”, PS101

a. Karen McNally: “‘The Voice’, the Studio and the Genre: the Unexpected Mismatch of Frank Sinatra and the MGM Musical”

b. Ryan Donovan: “Style as Star: the Economy of Fosse”

c. Lise Olson: “‘At This Performance the Role of _____ Will Be Played by…’ Are Understudies Waiting for Their ‘Eve Harrington Moment’?

17.00-18.00: Key Note Speech – Jeremy Sams: “Musical Theatre Today” (Theatre)

19.00: Conference Dinner

Thursday, 25 June 2015

8.30-9.00: Coffee/tea

9.00-10.30: Fifth & Sixth panel:

5. “Learning to Be a Star”, PS101

a. Sue Carpenter: “The Role of the Star Persona in Music Education”

b. Nick Phillips/Sally Rapier: “Star Quality: Essence de la Diva”

c. Jorge Balca: “There’s Something about Nadja… The Operatic Triple-Threat and the Fat Lady’s Demise”

6. “Girls as Boys and Boys as Girls”, PS201

a. Michael Hetra: “Barbra Streisand’s Feminist and Queer Yentl (1983): Bringing Musical Neo-Romanticism out of the Closet”

b. Mitchell Morris: “Lypsinka’s Performances and Curatorial Camp”

c. Marie Bennett: “Dragging His Stardom into the Twenty-First Century: John Travolta and Hairspray

10.30-11.00: Coffee break

11.00-12.30: Seventh & eighth Panel

7. “The Artist as Star and Other Performance Personae”, PS101

a. Laura Milburn: “Noël Coward on Star Quality: ‘I Don’t Know What It Is, But I’ve Got It’”

b. Nils Grosch: “Liza Minnelli vs. Sally Bowles: Performance Persona in Popular Musical Theatre”

c. Ben MacPherson: “A Sting in the Tale…: When the Star Becomes the Writer Becomes the Star”

8. “Now You See Me – Now You Don’t…”, PS201

a. Raymond Knapp: “The Auteur as Ghost Star: Minnelli’s Framing of Judy Garland as Camp Management”

b. Mary Jo Lodge: “Supernovas That Outshine the Stars: Exploring the Dynamics of Musicals When Their Biggest Stars Work behind the Scenes”

c. Susan Smith: “A Star Is Drawn? Star Voices and Star Personae in the Animated Film Musical”

12.30-14.00: Lunch break

14.00-15.30: Panel discussion (Theatre): “The Musical Theatre Industry and the Working Actor”

15.30-16.00: Coffee break

16.00-17.30: Ninth & tenth panel:

9. “Stars under Fascism”, PS101

a. Elena Mosconi: “Beniamino Gigli and Opera Singers in Italian Fascist Cinema”

b. Matthias Kauffmann: “Stardom and the ‘Volksgemeinschaft’ – the Ideological Instrumentalisation of Celebrities in the Third Reich”

c. Massimo Locatelli: “Nazi Stardom and the Dancing Queen: the Case of Marika Rökk”

10. “The (Sales) Power of Celebrity”, PS201

a. Laura MacDonald: “‘When You’ve Got It, Flaunt It”: Celebrity and the Selling of The Producers on Broadway”

b. Emily Clark: “‘Emma’s at the Kit Kat Klub!: Celebrities, Para-Social Relationships, and the New Broadway Aura”

c. André Gerber: “Celebrity and the South African ‘Yestermusical’: Validating Afrikaner Nostalgia in Three Musicals”

Friday, 26 June 2015

8.30-9.00: Coffee/Tea

9.00-10.30: Eleventh & Twelfth Panel:

11. “Caught in the System”, PS101

a. Barbara Pitak-Piaskowska: “The Phenomenon of The Ziegfeld Follies Stardom System”

b. Alejandro Postigo: “Imposing Star Systems: Political Influencing through the Popularization of Role Models”

c. Marc Richard: “Canadians on Broadway: Reluctant Stars”

12. “Broadway Luminaries and Legacies”, PS201

a. John Graziano: “A Superstar’s Career: May Irwin on Broadway”

b. Anne Healy: “An Unlikely Star: Bert Williams”

c. Dominic Symonds: “Second Wind: the Musical Theatre Influence of Cross-Talk Comedian Lew Fields”

10.30-11.00: Coffee Break

11.00-12.30: Thirteenth & Fourteenth Panel

13. “How to Establish, Present and Market the Star”, PS101

a. Roberta Graziano: “Are the Stars out Tonight? Tostée, Offenbach and the Rise of Opéra-Bouffe in 1860s New

b. William Everett: “A Tale of Two Leading Ladies: Marie Tempest and Letty Lind at Daly’s Theatre”

c. Carolin Stahrenberg: “Creating a Star: Claire Waldoff, Regional Identity and the Early Star System in Berlin”

14. “The Spread of Entertainment”, PS201

a. Michael Garber: “The Sad Clown”

b. Julian Woolford: “Unexpected Stars in the East: Rodgers & Hammerstein in the Arab World”

12.30-14.00: Lunch Break

14.00-15.30: Fifteenth Panel

15. “Will the Real Judy Please Stand Up?”, PS101

a. Paul Christman: “Just Her Style: How Martin and Blane Created Songs to Showcase Judy Garland in MGM’s Meet Me in St. Louis”

b. Kelsey Moore: “‘A Story Only Life Itself Could Have Inspired’: the Subjective Promotion of 1954’s A Star Is Born”

c. Robert Gordon: “Beyond Hollywood: Judy Garland Live and In Person”

15.30-16.30: Plenary Session/Farewell

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