The Brexit negotiations: steady as she goes or heading for the rocks?

07 February 2018

18:00 - 20:00
Regent’s University London, Park Campus


Join a panel of distinguished speakers, led by David Hannay (Lord Hannay of Chiswick).

The Brexit negotiations have passed their half-way point. After six months of often difficult negotiations, the outlines of a withdrawal agreement were reached last December. The parties are now discussing the critical issue of the future UK-EU relationship.

How have the negotiations gone so far? Have they been a triumph for the UK or is the EU shaping the agenda? Given the economic importance to the UK maintaining easy access to the largest market for its exports, what are the prospects for a good deal that protects jobs and prosperity in the UK? And what are the implications for the rest of the EU?

After an opening presentation, a panel of distinguished speakers will discuss the progress so far and consider what lies in store for the negotiations going forward with an audience of students and invited guests. Join us as we discuss the biggest issue in Europe in 2018.


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Lord Jay of Ewelme: 
A former Head of the British Diplomatic Service, will set out the background and look forward to the issues still to be addressed.

Jacqueline Minor: 
A former Director in the European Commission, will give us the view from Brussels and the EU27 of the negotiations.
Sir Alan Dashwood QC: 
One of the UK’s foremost experts in EU law, will explain the importance of agreeing a dispute resolution procedure with the EU and former Europe Minister Denis MacShane will look at the wider political aspects of the negotiations.

Chair: Professor Aldwyn Cooper, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive