The Representation of Memory

16 March 2018


This seminar is designed to bring together scholars working on the representation of memory in the visual arts.

For the first seminar, we are interested in scholars working on all time periods and all media in the visual arts. You may be at any stage of your career, although the first seminar is particular aimed at PhD students and post-docs to establish a network for those working on related material and to exchange thoughts around their research.

Each participant should come prepared to talk informally for 5 minutes about their research. Please email 1-2 slides in advance so that we can compile a PowerPoint.

We invite you to signal your interest. There is no fee, however you are required to register in advance with your name and institutional affiliation. Please email Deborah Schultz

We hope to generate a valuable discussion forum and create an exciting opportunity to meet other scholars working on the representation of memory.