Biden and Trump

Reflections on the US election

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  • Name: Reflections on the US election
  • Date: 11 November 2020
  • Time: 15:30 GMT
  • Location: Online
  • Price: Free
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About this event

Will it be Trump or will it be Biden? Either way, the results of this election will be critical, especially as the US is need of a leadership that will navigate it through ongoing crises, such as the US and world economy and the pandemic.

If there is a new Biden administration, what challenges will they face?

What if Trump remains, what does this mean for the US and the world?

How will the results of the election be received by governments across the world?

Join our panellists who will reflect on the results, the successes and failures of the Biden and Trump campaigns and offer insights into America’s political landscape in the coming months.

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Amy Pope - Partner, Schillings
Formerly U.S. Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to President Obama, Amy has extensive experience managing some of the most high-profile, diverse challenges at the highest levels of U.S. government. . Prior to joining the White House, Amy worked in several positions at the U.S. Department of Justice including as a senior official in the Criminal Division and as a federal prosecutor.

Dr Brian Klass
Brian is an Associate Professor in Global Politics at University College London and a columnist for The Washington Post. Klaas has advised governments, US political campaigns, NATO, the European Union, multi-billion dollar investors, international NGOs, and international politicians. He's worked on US campaigns and is a regular commentator on MSNBC, CNN, BBC News, Sky News, NPR News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, BBC World Service, Monocle 24, France 24, and many others.

Pascal Senn - SU President
Pascal studied a Political Science major at Regent’s and currently presides as the SU President. He is from Switzerland and Costa Rica, yet he has also spent a few years in Singapore and the United States. This culturally diverse background has laid the foundation to his interest in Politics. However, his interests also span across different disciplines, with his utmost being in the field of game theory as a basis for cooperation, compromise, and conciliation, in economics, government, diplomacy, law, and psychology. 

Professor Yossi Mekelberg - Session Moderator
Yossi Mekelberg has taught International Relations at Regent's University London with a field fields of interest in International Relations Theory, Middle East Affairs, US Foreign Policy and International Relations and Revolutions. Yossi is a regular contributor to the international media on these issues, for outlets including the BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera, CBC, the Guardian and the Independent.