Finance chart

Financial Support

Make sure you have accessed all of the financial support for which you are eligible from Regent's, such as grants and scholarships. Please see the following link for details:

Banking and finance tips

Open a student bank account to take advantage of the special offers. Check what different banks are offering before you decide where to open an account. 

Budgeting advice
Make sure you don’t spend all of your money at the start of term so that you have enough to see you through to the end.

Further guidance can be found by visiting the UCAS Budget Calculator, or for international students, visit the British Council website.

Council tax

Remember, students do not have to pay Council Tax. If you are asked to pay by the Council, do not just ignore the bill because the Council will need proof that you are a full time registered student, a student confirmation letter can be obtained through a Document Request on the Student Hub.

Part-time work

Your studies must always come first. However, if your programme allows you the time to do so, there are a range of part-time work opportunities available in London.

Information on how to find part-time work can be found by booking an appointment to see an advisor in the Careers and Business Relations Department using the Student Hub. There is also a full listing of available vacancies on the Student Hub from organisations who have contacted Regent's to advertise to students.

Hardship Fund

The University Hardship Fund is available to help with unexpected emergencies. Visit the Student Hub to book an appointment with a member of the Student Support & Wellbeing Team to find out if you are eligible for the Hardship Fund and how to apply.

Cost of living in London

The perceived cost of living and studying in London is a concern for many students. However, it is possible to live affordably in the capital by taking advantage of reduced price services and facilities on campus and beyond. This includes student discounts and concessions in shops, restaurants and bars, and by avoiding touristy areas of the city.

Below are some websites you might find useful for student discounts and offers.